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2024’s Hottest Cities for Rental Property Investment

Nicki and Karen » January 22, 2024

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The real estate market is experiencing a resurgence in 2024, with investors eagerly exploring opportunities for rental property investment. As the seasons change, so do the market dynamics, prompting a renewed interest in understanding the best cities to buy rental property. Reports indicate fluctuations in property prices across different states and cities, making it crucial for investors to stay informed and conduct thorough research.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the current landscape of the real estate market, considering factors that influence investment decisions. The year 2023 saw significant shifts in rental property trends, and we explore critical findings from AttomData’s Single-Family Rental Market report, providing valuable insights into rent yields and market conditions.

In addition to exploring the pivotal factors in purchasing rental property, we provide detailed statistics on rent growth in various cities. Our guide goes beyond the numbers, comprehensively analyzing the best cities and states to buy rental property in 2024.

For investors seeking opportunities in the current market, we thoroughly examine states like Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia, shedding light on their economic climates and potential for rental property profitability. As we unravel the investment landscape for 2024, it becomes evident that making data-driven decisions based on macroeconomic factors is crucial for success in the ever-evolving real estate market.

Property Price Trends

Investors contemplating the best cities for rental property in 2024 must closely examine property price trends, a key factor influencing investment decisions. Reports from 2023 highlight both the challenges and opportunities in the real estate market, with certain cities experiencing notable changes in property prices.

The real estate landscape in the United States reflects a nuanced pattern of fluctuations in property prices, constituting a national overview. The persistently high demand for single-family homes is a driving force behind the observed price surge. However, this trend is unique across the nation, as regional variations introduce a dynamic element. Some states and cities are experiencing a notable boom in property prices, while others grapple with declines.

AttomData’s Q1 2023 Single-Family Rental Market report is a pivotal source of insights into these market dynamics. The report signals a noteworthy shift, highlighting an upswing in rent yields for 3-bedroom single-family properties in 91% of cases, a marked reversal from the previous year’s declines. The data further underscores the accelerated pace of rent increases compared to home prices, a trend spanning 5% to 20% over the past year. This scenario creates a favorable environment for discerning property investors.

Delving into the specifics, AttomData identifies counties with the highest potential annual gross rental yields for 2023, including locales like Indian River County, FL, and Wayne County, MI. Discerning these regional variations becomes imperative for investors seeking lucrative opportunities within the diverse real estate landscape.

Further unraveling the narrative are rental market trends showcasing cities with the highest growth rates, exemplified by Orange County, CA, and San Mateo County, CA. Notably, despite its challenges, Silicon Valley retains its robust position in the rental property sector.

The dichotomy continues as certain cities revel in substantial growth while others face decreases in potential gross rental yields. St. Louis County, MO, and Nassau County, NY, stand out as examples of locations experiencing sizable decreases, underscoring the importance of nuanced insights for investors.

In the broader context, the hot cities signify growth potential and serve as barometers for market momentum within each state. Understanding these trends becomes paramount for investors aiming to assess the real potential of communities and properties, making informed decisions in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Investors must consider these property price trends when selecting cities for rental property investment in 2024. By staying informed about regional variations and growth rates, they can make strategic decisions that align with the dynamic nature of the real estate market.

AttomData’s SFR Rental Market Report (Q1 2023)

For investors seeking to navigate the complex landscape of rental property investment in 2024, insights from AttomData’s Q1 2023 Single-Family Rental (SFR) Market Report offer a valuable perspective. AttomData, a leading provider of nationwide property data, provides a detailed analysis of the best U.S. markets for buying single-family rental properties in the coming year.

AttomData stands out as a reputable source providing a comprehensive repository of property data, with a specific emphasis on single-family homes. Covering information on over 155 million U.S. properties, the platform employs a robust valuation system considering extensive housing market conditions.

In the context of the Q1 2023 highlights, AttomData’s report navigates the intricacies of the 3-bedroom single-family rental market, uncovering a positive trajectory in rent yields. This encouraging shift departs from declines experienced in most areas during the preceding year.

A pivotal observation from the report is the notable surge in rents outpacing the rate of increase in home prices. This crucial insight holds significance for property investors, signifying a favorable environment where rental income surpasses the changes in property values. The report underscores this phenomenon by highlighting a remarkable 91% increase in 3-bedroom rents across the U.S., dispelling concerns that property investors might face challenges.

AttomData’s analysis further identifies counties with the highest potential annual gross rental yields for 2023. Geographical locations such as Indian River County, FL, and Wayne County, MI, showcase the diverse opportunities available across different regions.

Beyond static figures, the report provides dynamic insights into growth rates and trends in rental markets. Various cities, including Orange County, CA, and San Mateo County, CA, are spotlighted for experiencing substantial increases, offering a nuanced understanding of the evolving real estate landscape.

The performance metrics presented in the report underscore the resilience of rental property in Silicon Valley, particularly Santa Clara County, CA, amidst market turbulence. This resilience becomes a testament to certain regions weathering challenges and maintaining a solid foothold in the rental property sector.

AttomData’s report does not shy away from acknowledging challenges, bringing transparency to the narrative. Instances of decreases in potential gross rental yields in specific areas, such as St. Louis County, MO, and Nassau County, NY, are highlighted. This emphasis on both highs and lows underscores the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics, providing investors with a well-rounded perspective to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

AttomData’s comprehensive insights equip investors with the necessary information to make informed decisions in the dynamic rental property market in 2024. By leveraging the data provided, investors can identify opportunities, navigate challenges, and position themselves for success in the evolving real estate landscape.

The Top 9 Performing Counties

In the intricate tapestry of the U.S. rental property market, certain countries emerge as shining stars, offering lucrative opportunities for investors in 2024. AttomData’s Q1 2023 Single-Family Rental (SFR) Market Report meticulously outlines the top-performing counties, unveiling the potential hotspots for rental property enthusiasts.

1. Indian River County, FL (Sebastian-Vero Beach) Area

Boasting an impressive potential annual gross rental yield of 15%, Indian River County in Florida stands out as a top-performing county. The Sebastian-Vero Beach area attracts attention with its robust rental market, presenting a promising landscape for investors seeking high returns.

2. Collier County, FL (Naples Area)

Collier County, situated in the Naples area, commands attention with a substantial potential annual gross rental yield of 14.7%. The allure of this county lies in its flourishing rental market, making it an attractive destination for property investors eyeing substantial returns.

3. Wayne County, MI (Detroit Area)

In the Detroit area, Wayne County exhibits a significant potential annual gross rental yield of 13%. Despite the challenges faced by the Detroit market in recent years, this county stands out as a beacon of opportunity for investors looking for promising returns in the rental property sector.

4. Mercer County, New Jersey (Trenton Area)

Mercer County in New Jersey, specifically in the Trenton area, presents investors with a potential annual gross rental yield of 12.7%. The location and market dynamics blend to position this county as a noteworthy player in the rental property landscape.

5. Charlotte County, FL (Punta Gorda Area)

The Punta Gorda area in Charlotte County, FL, boasts a potential annual gross rental yield of 12%. This county in Florida continues to be a focal point for investors seeking favorable conditions in the single-family rental market.

6. Cook County (Chicago), IL

Cook County, encompassing the vibrant city of Chicago, offers investors a potential annual gross rental yield of 11.5%. Despite the urban dynamics, this county stands out as a resilient player in the rental property arena.

7. Cuyahoga County, OH (Cleveland)

Cleveland, located in Cuyahoga County, OH, showcases a potential annual gross rental yield of 10.1%. The diverse opportunities and a growing rental market make this county a compelling choice for investors.

8. Oakland County, MI (Outside Detroit)

Outside the bustling city of Detroit, Oakland County in Michigan presents an enticing potential annual gross rental yield of 9.1%. The suburban appeal and favorable rental conditions make this county a noteworthy investment destination.

9. Palm Beach County, FL (West Palm Beach)

West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County, FL, offers investors a potential annual gross rental yield of 8.5%. The allure of the West Palm Beach area continues to attract attention, providing a promising landscape for rental property investment.

The top-performing counties identified in AttomData’s report serve as beacons for investors navigating the complex realm of rental property. These countries not only promise attractive returns but also reflect the resilience and potential of specific regions in the ever-evolving real estate market. Investors looking for growth and stability may find these top-performing countries to be strategic choices in 2024.

Rental Market Trends and Growth Rates

Navigating the dynamic landscape of the rental market requires a keen understanding of trends and growth rates. AttomData’s Q1 2023 Single-Family Rental (SFR) Market Report delves into the intricate fabric of the market, unveiling trends and growth rates that shape the investment landscape.

The report illuminates a significant shift in rental market dynamics, heralding a favorable environment for investors. Rent yields for 3-bedroom single-family properties have experienced a noteworthy upswing, with an impressive increase observed in 91% of markets from 2022 to 2023. This reversal follows declines in the previous year, signifying a positive turn for rental property investors.

A compelling revelation from the report is the acceleration of rents outpacing home prices. In 91% of the U.S., 3-bedroom rents substantially increased more than home prices. This trend, coupled with a rise in rents ranging from 5% to 20% over the past year, underscores the resilience and attractiveness of the rental market for property investors.

As the rental market thrives, regional disparities in growth rates come to the forefront. The southern states, particularly Florida, emerge as powerhouses, constituting 60% of the top-performing counties. Meanwhile, western states, including California, exhibit notable yield growth, providing a nuanced perspective on the diverse trends shaping the U.S. rental landscape.

The report sheds light on cities experiencing the highest growth rates in rental yields. Orange County, CA, leads the pack with an impressive growth rate of +42.7%, followed closely by San Mateo County, CA (+41.6%), Suffolk County (Boston), MA (+41.2%), New Castle County (Wilmington), DE (+40.5%), and San Francisco County, CA (+38.1%). Despite challenges, these cities showcase the enduring appeal of rental property investments.

Amidst the flourishing trends, certain counties experienced decreases in potential gross rental yields. St. Louis County, MO, faced a notable decline of -19.8%, along with Nassau County, NY (-2.2%) and Collin County (Plano), TX (-0.4%). The western region, comprising 68% of low-performing counties, exhibits a diverse landscape with varying performances.

The hot cities identified in the report offer valuable insights into market momentum for each state. Investors can leverage this information to evaluate the real potential of communities and properties, enabling strategic decision-making aligned with the evolving dynamics of the rental market.

Understanding these trends and growth rates becomes paramount for investors seeking optimal returns as the rental market undergoes transformations. AttomData’s comprehensive analysis illuminates the nuances of regional variations and emerging patterns, providing a roadmap for navigating the intricate terrain of rental property investments in 2024.

The Top 10 U.S. Cities to Invest in a Rental Property

Investing in rental property is a strategic decision that requires carefully evaluating various factors. Here, we highlight some of the best U.S. cities for rental property investment based on a comprehensive analysis. Stessa assessed each city using key metrics such as the Composite Index, Gross Rent Multiplier, Median Monthly Rent, Median Home Price, Year-over-Year Change in Home Price, Forecasted Home Price Growth, Effective Property Tax Rate, and Year-over-Year Change in Population.

CityComposite IndexMedian Monthly RentHome Price ChangeForecasted Price GrowthProperty Tax RateChange in Population
1. Tampa, FL65.26$1,523+27.7%+27.2%0.90%+1.4%
2. Orlando, FL63.00$1,678+18.7%+15.8%0.86%+1.2%
3. Birmingham, AL62.03$1,100+15.3%+13.2%0.49%+0.1%
4. Atlanta, GA61.70$1,506+23.0%+23.9%0.88%+1.0%
5. Jacksonville, FL61.17$1,418+23.5%+23.8%0.90%+1.7%
6. Tulsa, OK59.55$1,028+14.5%+14.1%0.95%+0.7%
7. Memphis, TN59.35$1,077+17.7%+16.4%1.01%+0.2%
8. Phoenix, AZ57.45$1,572+32.2%+23.8%0.57%+2.1%
9. Oklahoma City, OK57.21$1,056+13.7%+11.9%0.93%+1.1%
Houston, TX55.76$1,410+17.9%+15.5%1.67%+1.3%
Data provided by Stessa

Factors Influencing Purchasing Rental Property

Investing in rental property requires a strategic approach, considering various factors that can significantly impact the success and profitability of your investment. Understanding the key influencers shaping the market becomes crucial as you explore potential cities for real estate ventures in 2024.

Investing in rental properties requires a comprehensive understanding of various factors that directly impact the success of such investments. One crucial aspect is the local economy and the tax landscape at both the state and city levels. Cities with robust economies tend to attract more renters, ensuring a consistent demand for rental properties. Evaluating state and city taxes is essential for investors to gauge the financial viability of their investment.

Another pivotal factor influencing rental property investments is the employment and wage growth in a given city. Strong job markets and increasing wage levels contribute significantly to the demand for rental properties. Cities with low unemployment rates and thriving job markets create a favorable environment for property investors looking to capitalize on increased rental demand.

Population growth is a crucial indicator of a city’s vitality and attractiveness to potential residents. Cities experiencing population growth witness an upsurge in demand for housing, presenting lucrative opportunities for rental property investors seeking areas with sustained growth.

Monitoring trends in home values provides valuable insights into the overall health of the real estate market. Cities that consistently experience growth in home values may indicate a stable and appreciating market, positively influencing the potential return on investment for rental properties.

Rising rent prices directly contribute to the profitability of rental property investments. Cities where rent prices are on the upswing present attractive opportunities, significantly when outpacing the growth in home prices. This trend enhances the overall return potential for investors in those specific rental markets.

Calculating rental yield, expressed as the annual rental income as a percentage of the property’s value, is a fundamental metric for assessing the financial performance of an investment. High rental yields often indicate strong returns for property investors, making it a crucial factor to consider when evaluating different investment opportunities.

Navigating the real estate landscape involves a nuanced understanding of these factors, and their interplay can vary across different cities and regions. As you evaluate potential cities for rental property investment in 2024, a comprehensive analysis of the local economy, job market, population dynamics, and real estate trends will empower you to make informed and strategic investment decisions. Stay tuned for insights into specific cities that align with these influencing factors for a successful rental property portfolio.

Rent Growth Statistics

Understanding the rental market dynamics is paramount for investors seeking to capitalize on the most lucrative opportunities 2024. Rental growth statistics provide valuable insights into the trajectory of rent prices, helping investors identify cities where demand is robust and returns are promising. Let’s delve into the rent growth statistics to shed light on the cities exhibiting noteworthy trends:

For investors seeking to maximize returns on rental properties, identifying cities with the highest rent growth is crucial. Based on recent data, the following cities have experienced substantial rent growth:

  • Las Vegas, NV: +42.1%
  •  Jacksonville, FL: +35.5%
  •  Tucson, AZ: +32.5%
  •  Santa Ana, CA: +27.3%
  •  Houston, TX: +24.3%

Analyzing the overall trends in rental growth across the U.S. provides a comprehensive view of the market dynamics. Cities like Indianapolis, Columbus, OH, Oklahoma City, Hartford, and Chicago have demonstrated consistent rental growth over the past 12 months. Notably, Tucson, AZ, stands out with a remarkable 37% increase in rents since the onset of the pandemic, showcasing the resilience of its rental market.

Disparities in rent growth are evident across different cities, emphasizing the diverse nature of the rental market. While some towns experience surges in rent prices, others may witness more moderate or even declining trends. Investors should carefully analyze these disparities to align their investment strategies with the specific dynamics of each city.

The impact of economic shifts, including job market dynamics, industry growth, and population influx, significantly influences rent prices. Understanding how these factors contribute to rent growth guides investors in choosing cities with sustainable and resilient rental markets.

Assessing the affordability of rents and home prices is critical for investors. Cities with favorable rent-to-price ratios present opportunities for attractive returns, especially considering the challenges posed by rapidly rising home prices in certain areas. This analysis allows investors to make informed decisions based on the specific affordability dynamics of each city’s rental market.

As you explore the landscape of rent growth statistics, it becomes evident that strategic investment decisions hinge on a nuanced understanding of each city’s unique rental market dynamics. Stay tuned for a detailed analysis of specific cities that exhibit impressive rent growth and align with other key factors influencing rental property investments in 2024.

Investment Opportunities in 2024

As we enter 2024, the real estate market presents enticing investment opportunities for those looking to capitalize on the rental property sector. With dynamic shifts in economic landscapes and evolving trends, investors must stay informed to make strategic decisions.

Investors should keep a vigilant eye on emerging cities displaying high rental yields, as highlighted in the AttomData Q1 2023 Single-Family Rental Market Report. Counties such as Indian River County, FL, and Collier County, FL, showcase substantial annual gross rental yields, making them promising areas for potential growth and returns.

Identifying markets with robust rent growth trends is crucial. Orange County, CA, and San Mateo County, CA, have witnessed significant rent increases. Understanding these trends enables investors to position themselves in areas with a high potential for rental income growth.

Consideration of cities with a lower cost of living for renters is advisable. Secondary markets in the southern U.S., characterized by rising property values, fast job growth, and a younger population, offer opportunities for sustained rental demand.

Evaluating cities that demonstrate adaptability to economic shifts is essential. Monitoring areas where offices are being converted to residential multifamily units presents opportunities for rental property investment. As the economy recovers, such transitions may offer lucrative prospects.

Exploration of states benefiting from the repatriation of manufacturing is recommended. Shifts in global trade dynamics may positively influence states like Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Connecticut. The resurgence of manufacturing could boost economic growth and rental demand.

Leveraging technological advancements in property management is crucial. Utilizing online property management software tools can streamline processes, conduct cash flow analyses, and enhance overall organization. Innovations in management practices contribute to the efficiency of rental property operations.

Strategic analysis of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) hottest cities list is valuable. Cities like Austin, Cary, Nashville, and Atlanta garner notable attention. Delving into the underlying economic fundamentals and demand factors supporting these cities’ attractiveness for real estate investment is essential.

Prioritizing key factors outlined by NAR, including the local economy and state/city taxes, employment and wage growth, population growth, home values, rent prices, and rental yield, is crucial in making informed decisions as investors navigate the dynamic landscape of purchasing a rental property.

Navigating the rental property market in 2024 requires a strategic approach and a willingness to adapt to changing dynamics. By identifying emerging trends, exploring high-yield opportunities, and leveraging technological tools, investors can position themselves for success in the ever-evolving real estate investment landscape. Stay tuned for detailed insights into specific cities that are prime investment destinations.


As we navigate the real estate landscape of 2024, the prospects for rental property investment are both promising and dynamic. The shifting trends in property prices, emerging markets, and the evolving preferences of renters present a landscape rich with opportunities for savvy investors.

From the insights gathered in AttomData’s Q1 2023 Single-Family Rental Market Report, it’s evident that certain counties and cities are experiencing substantial rental yields. Investors should carefully consider the nuances of these regions, keeping an eye on emerging trends and growth rates.

Factors such as local economy, employment growth, population dynamics, and rental yield should weigh heavily in investment decisions. Leveraging technological tools for property management and adapting to economic shifts are crucial for success in the competitive rental property market.

Remember that a strategic and informed approach is critical as we delve into the specifics of the best cities and states for rental property investment. The opportunities are diverse, and investors can position themselves for profitable returns by aligning investments with emerging trends.

In the ever-evolving realm of real estate, the ability to seize opportunities and adapt to changing dynamics is paramount. Stay tuned for our in-depth exploration of the top cities to buy rental property in 2024, where we’ll provide detailed insights to guide your investment decisions. The journey into profitable real estate investment continues, and with the proper knowledge, you can unlock the full potential of the rental property market in the coming year.

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