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10 Camarillo Wineries & Tasting Rooms You Have to Visit!

Nicki & Karen » June 3, 2019

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Camarillo Wine

California is known all over the world for its delectable wines that are as delicious as they are varied. While Northern California has achieved superstardom with the vineyards of Sanoma and Napa Valley, Southern California has recently bolstered its popularity as a premier wine tasting destination.

This boost of popularity has caused numerous vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms to pop up all over the Southern California region, which includes Los Angeles and Ventura Counties all the way down to Temecula and San Diego. Among the best places to go in this region for wineries and tasting rooms is the fantastic Santa Rosa Valley and city of Camarillo, which has proven to be a very popular destination for vineyards and wines during the growth in wine development throughout Southern California.

Camarillo is also an ideal location to live in since you’ll be able to enjoy the year-round spectacular weather. Whether you want to drink a crisp wine among a beautiful setting following a lengthy day of work or would rather spend time in the city with friends, Camarillo offers an array of amazing destinations that will allow you to enjoy the finer things in life. The following provides a close look at 11 of the top wineries and tasting rooms in Camarillo that you have to visit while there!


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10. Pantess Cellars

Pantess Cellars is an artisanal winery in Camarillo that offers an array of wines from the Central Coast, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, which means that all of their wines are produced from grapes in California. They offer twelve separate varietals with ten reds and two whites, all of which date back to 2009-2012. Their wine tasting room is elegant and stylish with a focus on wood accents. When you visit during the weekends, you may have the chance to hear some live music during your tasting. Their tasting fee is priced at $15 for six 1-oz. pours. If you join their wine club, you’ll be provided with two bottles of wine each quarter as well as 15 percent off individual bottles of wine.

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9. Back Patio Cellars

Back Patio Cellars is a winery in Camarillo that offers wine tastings during the afternoons of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week. Their tasting room is a comfortable and cozy area where you can relax and socialize while sampling one or more of their many wine varietals. They offer 16 varietals of red and white wine, the most popular of which is the 2014 pinot noir. Many of these wines can be sampled at their tasting room. If you’re looking to join a wine club, they provide two membership options that give discounts of 10-15 percent on bottles of wine.

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8. Strey Cellars

Strey Cellars is a contemporary winery in Oxnard that provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind tasting room. While this room has a modern look to it, the tables within are perched on empty wine barrels, which also provides the room with a more rustic appearance and atmosphere. Their offerings extend to 22 different wines, some of which are different years of the same wine. Their Signature Series of wines include bottles like the 2016 Graciano as well as the 2016 Touriga Nacional. You can choose any of their wines in glasses or bottles. If you enjoy their wines, consider joining their 4-bottle or 6-bottle wine clubs for discounts and special offerings.

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7. Lester Family Cellars

Lester Family Cellars is a wine cellar and tasting room in Camarillo that focuses on small-batch wines, all of which are hand-crafted. This is a family-run winery that makes sure that the atmosphere is welcoming, friendly, and relaxing within the tasting room. The majority of their wines are made from grapes within the Lodi and Paso Robles regions of California. Currently, they offer eight collections of red wine such as the Syrah and Primitivo NV. However, they are soon going to be producing some white wine varietals as well. Their wine tastings are typically priced at $8, which allows you to sample four bottles. Their various wine clubs offer such benefits as discounts on wine and pre-release barrel tastings.

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6. Four Brix Winery & Tasting Room

The Four Brix Winery & Tasting Room is a craft winery in Ventura County that offers a wide selection of internationally-inspired wine blends. All of their wines are produced from four grape-growing regions, which include California, France, Italy, and Spain. While you can call to purchase some of their wines, many of their varietals are only available at their tasting room, which is referred to as the BrixHouse. This tasting room aims to offer a lively and engaging atmosphere whenever you attend, which is bolstered by an array of fun events that they host each month. You could choose to attend a wine dinner, concert in the cellar, blending party, or foodie Friday. When visiting the tasting room, you’ll be able to select from a glass, bottle, or flight of wine.

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5. Magnavino Cellars

Magnavino Cellars is a popular winery in Oxnard that offers 18 separate varietals of wine like the butterfly chardonnay and the Syrah. Their winery and tasting room is elegant and stylish, which provides a more luxurious and upscale atmosphere. They offer regular events throughout the year that include vertical tastings, special tastings, cupcake pairings, and live music, which means that you’ll get a new experience whenever you visit. Every Friday evening, they host a Magnavino After Dark event that allows attendees to drink a glass of wine, sample from a gourmet cheese platter, and enjoy a variety of additional small plates.

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4. Herzog Wine Cellars

Herzog Wine Cellars is a modern winery in Ventura County that offers artisan wines alongside farm-to-table dining. They offer more than two dozen varietals that have been made from various grapes all over California. Their winery is focused on being stylish and sophisticated, which pairs well with the types of wines that they offer. Consider trying one or more of the five wines within the Herzog Special Edition group of wines, which are considered to be in the highest echelon of Cabernet Sauvignon wines at Herzog Wine Cellars. When you visit, consider taking a tour of their state-of-the-art winery to get a glimpse at how they create their wines. If you find that you’ve enjoyed their wines, you could join one of their seven wine clubs, all of which offer an array of benefits like shopping discounts, dining discounts, and reduced rates on wine bottles.

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3. Millesime Cellars

Millesime Cellars is a winery that focuses almost entirely on creating wines that are based on old-world traditional French wines. However, they also create a variety of new-world styles that ensure you have many different wines to choose from. Each style of wine is produced in organic vineyards within the Santa Ynez Valley in California. They offer a dozen varietals of red and white wines as well as four specialty wines such as the caillou bleu, which is made from ingredients like wild blueberries, roasted coffee, cocoa nibs, and tobacco leaves. Their tasting room is small yet classy with a refined atmosphere. Consider trying the wine tasting plus chocolate pairing for a delightful flavor profile. You could also think about joining one of the wine clubs at Millesime Cellars, which offers four clubs to select from.

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2. Camarillo Custom Crush Winery

Camarillo Custom Crush Winery is a winery in Camarillo that offers a fantastic tasting room that allows you to sample some of their most popular wines. This winery is built on a unique concept wherein local grape growers and individuals who don’t typically grow grapes have the ability to bring their grapes in and have them converted into bottles of wine. Every weekend, they’ll showcase six wines that have been produced and bottled on-site for various customers, which ensures that you’ll be able to try something new with each visit. This flight of six wines changes every two weeks. If you visit on the weekend, you’ll only need to pay $10 to sample the six wines, after which you can take home a custom winery glass. The tasting room and lounge area is outfitted with comfortable sofas and chairs that make it easy to relax while sampling a new bottle of wine.

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1. Cantara Cellars

Cantara Cellars is a winery in Camarillo that’s known for its excellent service and delicious wines. The atmosphere at the winery is relaxing and laid back, which ensures that you’ll have a pleasant time while sampling their selection of wines. While they offer a wide variety of red and white wines, they specialize primarily in wines that are made from the grapes found in the Lodi region of Northern California. Whether you’re taking a tour of the winery or are sampling some of their wines in the tasting room, you’ll have 12 separate varietals to select from. They also offer a small food menu to go along with their wines, which includes such appetizers as spicy sausage with mustard and a meat and cheese plate. You might want to consider joining their wine club as well, which provides you with discounts on wine as well as the ability to schedule private tastings.

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No matter where you live in Camarillo, you’ll be only minutes away from many beautiful wineries with endless grape varietals and wine offerings for you to sample. All of the wineries and tasting rooms mentioned previously offer something unique that will make your visit a memorable one. If you’re looking to settle down in any city throughout Ventura County, contact Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate today to begin the home buying or selling process!

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