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Linchpin- Are you Indispensable?

Nicki & Karen » January 30, 2010

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Read it…..unless you are afraid of truths….then just don’t read it.

By : Karen Crystal


I Just finished reading Seth Godin‘s latest book Linchpin, and one engrained thought keeps popping forward from my past.

KISS (not the band), but the acronym : “keep it simple stupid”.

My USC Business School education was filled with acronyms.  I still remember some of them, and I admit KISS has proven useful at times and still seems to work.

The MOST memorable acromyn though was Radio Station WIIFM.  You know, the station that we were all told to tune it to…What’s In It For Me?

Well, if you haven’t changed the station yet, don’t bother.

WIIFM already altered it’s local programming to include a global satellite feed, and is now airing as WIIFM…What’s In It FROM me?

So here’s my thought for you on Linchpin.

Read it.  Unless you are afraid of truths….then just don’t read it.

One truth is that Linchpins are obvious.  They stand out from the crowd.  In fact a Linchpin gave me this book to read, Alex Beattie from duPont Registry.  Alex is a linchpin.  He is connecting luxury marketers and luxury consumers with the duPont brand on a human level through his “gifts”……and it’s working.

I now utilize duPont as a luxury property marketing vehicle, and my luxury clients are clicking on duPont for the latest and greatest in all things luxury.

Why?  The human connector….the linchpin.

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