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Malibu’s memorable moments in Movies and Music

Nicki & Karen » May 16, 2010

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Magical Malibu tour

Malibu is a city on the Southeastern coast of Los Angeles, California. The Chumash Indians, the city’s earliest settlers gave the city its nomenclature. Originally, “humaliwo,” translated to “the surf sounds loudly.” For most, Malibu conjures images of the über-wealthy and über-luxury real estate—rightly so—but, it’s also a place of divine beauty and natural beauty. It is home to the stars because of this beauty as well as its proximity to Los Angeles. This, along with many other things (read on…), makes the town home to some of the most sought after beachfront property in the world.

Location, location location. Isn’t that what has always been said about real estate? Not as much for luxury real estate, but Malibu Beach is a one of the Earth’s most extraordinary locations. It’s only about a half an hour from Hollywood and just another 5 minutes down the road to the heart of Los Angeles. So the commute to work is pretty close. Isn’t that much the same as living in the suburbs of…say… Omaha, right?

Andrea Bullo's Moonshadows
Andrea Bullo's Moonshadows

Malibu has to be created divinely. The landscape is literally mind-blowing. The cliffs, the surf, the blue Pacific, the sand, the bungalows, the mansions… All make up part of Malibu’s charm and eclecticism. There really is no other place on earth like it, except maybe Santorini. But, then again, you can’t very well hop in your Lamborghini, or have the limo take you to LAX for a flight to LaGuardia for a scene to shoot in Jamaica, Queens for the next blockbuster film.

Malibu is a beach paradise. Much as the French Riviera or the idyllic Greek Isles. Most alluring is its location and its natural beauty.

Ephemeral Malibu moments

Not to be forgotten are these fascinating celebrity movie and popular music tidbits.

Interesting to note, Cat Stevens almost drowned in the ocean off the coast of Malibu thus leading to his name change and beliefs

…But in 1975 while swimming off the coast of Malibu, Calif., another brush with death revealed his true destiny.

“I decided to go for a swim. Of course nobody told me that that wasn’t a good time to go swimming,” Islam said. “So there I was, you know, out there, and I’m thinking, ‘Ah, great, hmm, OK, let’s go back now.’ And then I … tried to swim back to shore. And suddenly I felt ‘I can’t do this’ — the tide was going the other way. I wasn’t getting any closer.

“Suddenly I was petrified. I thought: ‘This might be it.’ I said: ‘God, if you save me, I’ll work for you.’ It was without hesitation that I knew that, instinctively, there was a power that could help me. And then a little wave, you know, came behind me — a little wave, it wasn’t very big. But it was that miraculous moment when suddenly the tide was going in my favor. I had my energy, I could swim back. I was on land. I was alive. Wow, what next?”

He wouldn’t touch a guitar again for more than 20 years. [sic]-By Judy Faber

Charlton Heston filmed the famed scene of the end of the cult classic, Planet of the Apes, on the beach there… the prop of the Statue of Liberty sat on the beach for months as they were filming it…

Malibu in the movies
Charlton Heston | Planet of the Apes

from IMDB, (The Internet Movie Database):

The filming location of the classic final scene has been erroneously thought to be Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but is in fact Malibu, California. For die-hard fans who want to visit the true location, it is a secluded cove on the far eastern end of Westward Beach, between Zuma Beach and Point Dume. Ignore the wide curving beach by the car park and clamber over the rocks to the east until you get to the quiet, often deserted, little beach surrounded by cliffs. (The Statue of Liberty was an optical effect skillfully achieved with a matte painting blended into a still existing rock structure.)

Funny the way it is… the beginning of that epic film starts with George (or Taylor as he’s known throughout the movie… never George… don’t think even once…):

“…And that completes my final report until we reach touchdown. We’re now on full automatic, in the hands of the computers…”

I guess that has virtually nothing to do with luxury real estate… (hmm… pun intended, I guess…) … or does it? How many memorable moments are in the IMDB about Omaha?

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