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Top 11 Garage Door Service & Repair Companies in Agoura Hills

Nicki & Karen » April 29, 2019

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Custom garage door built in Agoura Hills

As a homeowner, you take pride in your home and the condition that it’s in. While many Agoura Hills homeowners spend their time making sure that their yard looks beautiful and that both the exterior and interior of the home appear to be in great shape, it’s common for homeowners to overlook the garage due to how durable and long-lasting garage doors are meant to be. However, it’s important to understand that the garage is typically among the first things that your friends, family, and potential buyers see when they arrive at your home. When visitors enter your driveway, the garage door is typically front and center — one of the visitor’s first impressions of your home, which is why it’s essential that your garage door is properly maintained and kept in good condition.

Whether you’re getting ready to list your home on the market or would like to improve the sale price of your home for a future sale, upgrading and repairing your garage door can go a long ways towards helping you reach your goals. You may also think about replacing your garage door entirely if you’re interested in updating the look of your home.

These doors come in many different styles, colors, and builds, which allows you to select one that matches your preference and goes well with the design for the rest of your home. When you need to have your door repaired or are thinking about upgrading, you’ll want to get in touch with a reputable garage door service and repair company that you can trust. The following list goes into greater detail about the top 11 garage door service and repair companies that are found in and around Agoura Hills.

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11. Same Day Garage Doors

Same Day Garage Doors is a garage door company that aims to provide their customers with numerous repair, installation, and replacement services for garage doors and the components within. They also strive to provide affordable services and regularly offer deals and special discounts for their service calls. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose any issue, which means that they are typically able to provide same-day repair services. Customers who have used Same Day Garage Doors in the past love how detailed the estimate is before any work is completed, which ensures that the customer understands everything about the repair work.

Learn more about Same Day Garage Doors here:

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10. Dyer’s Garage Doors

Dyer’s Garage Doors is a service and repair company that offers a wide range of services that extend from the sale and installation of garage doors to repair and maintenance work for any kind of door. When you’re in need of their services, they will always provide a free estimate before performing any work, which allows you to properly compare prices. Customers love how knowledgeable the technicians at Dyer’s are. When your door breaks down or isn’t functioning as it should, they will answer any question you have. The garage doors that they offer include custom wood doors, steel doors, non-traditional doors, aluminum door, and glass doors.

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9. Conejo Genie Door Co

The Conejo Genie Door Co. is a family-owned and operated service and repair company that has been in business for nearly 50 years. They service all garage door makes and models and can provide you with quick installation services for any garage door that you choose for your home. Past customers of Conejo Genie Door Co. love that the company never tries to do more than is necessary, which means that they strive to provide only the repairs that your door needs and will rarely recommend replacing the door. They also specialize in the installation and repair of one-piece hinges and springs. Once your door has been installed, their technicians have the necessary expertise to sync your HomeLink system to your garage door.

Learn more about Conejo Genie Door here:

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8. Two Brothers Garage Door & Gates

Two Brothers Garage Door & Gates is a fantastic service and repair company for garage doors that has a reputation for always providing quality services while also never pressuring customers into making unnecessary repairs. Their service, repair, and installation services can be performed on all major brands of doors and door openers. They also specialize in creating custom door solutions, which allows you to provide them with your specifications for a new garage door. Their designs extend from traditional ones to contemporary designs. They can also diagnose and repair any problem that occurs with your garage door.

Learn more about Two Brothers Garage Door & Gates here:

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7. Archway Garage Doors & Gates

Archway Garage Doors & Gates is a very popular garage door service and repair company that specializes in providing customized garage doors. They can design doors in an array of different colors, finishes, materials, and designs, which allows you to obtain the exact garage door that you have in mind. All of the work that they provide is guaranteed, which means that they will quickly correct any issues that you might have with their work. Their emergency services for garage door repairs are available 24/7, which includes weekends and holidays. All major brands are serviced, which means that they can make any kind of repair that’s necessary. Customers who have done business with them over the years love how reliable and professional that the technicians are at all times.

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6. JE Garage Doors Repair

JE Garage Doors Repair is a garage door company that provides customers with extensive repair, installation, and maintenance services. These services can be provided for any type of garage door or door opener. Customers who have used their services in the past love how quickly the technicians get to work and how great the prices are. If you’re unsure of what’s causing your garage door to malfunction, their technicians will troubleshoot the issue and provide you with a detailed analysis of the necessary repair work in minutes. Their maintenance services can be scheduled on a monthly or quarterly basis if necessary. All of their repair services can be completed on the same day that you contact them.

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5. All Over Locksmith & Garage Doors

All Over Locksmith & Garage Doors offers garage door repair and maintenance services to residents of Agoura Hills and the surrounding communities. Customers enjoy doing business with this company because they always go the extra mile. Their technicians will arrive in minutes after you contact them, while they are also available to provide their services at any time of the day. They have received an A+ rating on BBB, which is a good indicator of how reputable they are. Their primary garage door services include lock changing, spring replacement, sensor replacement, and door replacement if you would like a new one installed. They can diagnose and repair any issue that has caused your door to stop working properly.

Learn more about All Over Locksmith & Garage Doors here:

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4. Garage Doors By Jeff

Garage Doors By Jeff is a smaller garage door repair company with a fantastic reputation. Customers love this repair company because of the fact that they will only provide repair work that’s necessary. Their customer service is also known to be exemplary, which is displayed by their 10-minute response time to any quote request. Garage Doors By Jeff provides custom design services for garage doors as well as installation services for the garage door that you’ve selected. They specialize in the replacement of springs, cables, and rollers and can fix most garage door issues on the same day that they begin the repair work.

Learn more about Garage Doors By Jeff here:

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3. The Garage Door Doctor

The Garage Door Doctor is an esteemed garage door service and repair company that’s been in business since 2005 and can service, install, and repair any kind of garage door. Customers love that they offer a free onsite estimate while also providing an extensive warranty for all of the work that they do. Their repair, replacement, and installation services extend to garage doors, door openers, remotes, and the larger components within the garage door such as the cables, rollers, and safety sensors. They also provide custom design services if you require a new door altogether.

Learn more about The Garage Door Doctor here:

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2. Prestige Overhead Doors

Prestige Overhead Doors is a licensed and bonded garage door repair company that has only been in business for a little over five years but has already garnered a strong reputation in and around Agoura Hills. Customers love how dedicated the team at Prestige Overhead Doors is towards making sure that their customers are satisfied, which is displayed by the fact that they always provide prompt service. Along with the many garage doors that they provide, they also operate as certified dealers of Genie and Lift Master garage door openers.

While they offer a wide range of services that extend from safety inspections to the repair of damaged panels, they specialize in providing custom garage doors and repairing broken springs. If a spring in your garage door has broken, they offer highly competitive prices as well as same-day service. The garage doors that are available through Prestige Overhead Doors can be fully customized to your exact specifications. For example, they offer many different materials that include steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Learn more about Prestige Overhead Doors here:

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1. ASAP Garage Door and Gates

ASAP Garage Door and Gates is a highly reputable garage door service and repair company in Agoura Hills that’s known for providing their customers with exemplary customer service, quality service and repair work, and fair prices. They have been in business since 1991 and offer an expansive suite of services that extends from garage door repair and maintenance services to sales and installation for garage doors. Their garage doors are available in numerous designs, architectural details, colors, and finishes. They are licensed and insured, which should give you confidence that they know what they’re doing.

If ever you have an emergency where your garage door breaks down and you’re unable to remove your car for work or can’t get your car into the garage, ASAP Garage Door and Gates provides 24/7 emergency services that you can request. The types of garage doors that they offer include traditional doors, carriage house doors, contemporary doors, and even commercial doors, which provides you with a wealth of options. Their repair services are provided by expert technicians who are able to perform any kind of repair, which includes spring repairs, cable repairs, and even preventative maintenance. These services also extend to garage door opener repairs. They offer a free garage door repair estimate that you can make use of in the event that your garage door has stopped functioning properly. People love this company because of how reliable they are and how quickly they get the job done.

Learn more about ASAP Garage Door and Gates here:


Agoura Hills is a stunning community with homes of all types including ranch homes, estates, and single family residences. Due to the popularity of this community, there are many high quality service providers in the area, should you ever need assistance with a faulty garage door or would like to improve the look of your home and repair the garage door completely, these service providers will do a great job and get your home looking its best!

If you’re looking to sell your home in Agoura Hills, contact our team of local Conejo Valley real estate agents and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with the selling process!

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