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An Inside Look at The Sherwood Country Club

Nicki & Karen » June 7, 2021

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For anyone who enjoys golfing and spending time in a country club, Southern California plays host to some of the best country clubs in the United States. Among the most popular destinations for golfers is the Sherwood Country Club, which is located in Thousand Oaks, CA, and is considered to be a private club, which means that only members can access its many amenities. The golf course at this country club was developed by Jack Nicklaus and is known for overlooking Lake Sherwood, which currently exists as the oldest man-made lake in all of California.

Along with the beautiful golf course, members also have access to tennis courts, social events, a swimming pool and spa area, and a spacious fitness center. The Sherwood Country Club has an eventful history as one of the premier clubs in California. The mountains that dot the landscape behind many of the club’s fairways can also be seen in the initial helicopter scene from the M.A.S.H. TV series. Before the club itself was built, the grounds were commonly used as a shooting location for movies and television shows.

The Sherwood Country Club has also been the home of many golf courses since its initial opening in 1989. For instance, Greg Norman’s Shark Shootout tournament was hosted at the club from 1989-1998. Soon thereafter, Tiger Woods’ World Challenge was held annually from 2000-2013. In 2020, the course was home to the second annual ZOZO Championship. It’s clear that the course is a top consideration for many PGA Tour events.

Anyone who’s able to become a member of this club can access club facilities from 7 AM-9 PM on Tuesday through Sunday. The club is closed on Monday. Keep in mind that the Sherwood Country Club is among the most exclusive clubs in California. Membership can only be gained by invitation or via a member referral. Currently, the club consists of around 375 members. Another 175 individuals are members of the tennis club. Some of the more notable people who are or have been members of this club include Kevin James, Sean Connery, Jane Seymour, Justin Timberlake, and Will Smith. This article provides you with a closer look at what you can expect to find in the Sherwood Country Club.

Sherwood Country Club Golf Course

The Sherwood Country Club golf course consists of 18 holes with a par of 72. The fairways and greens are made primarily from bentgrass. On the other hand, the roughs consist of ryegrass. Both grass types are commonly used at the more premier golf courses throughout the country. From the furthest tee, the course is just over 7,000 yards, which makes this a very lengthy course. The time it takes to complete the course depends on numerous factors, which include the number of players on the course, the course conditions, and the tee that you play from.

You should expect an 18-hole round of golf to take anywhere from 2-4 hours to finish. Your playing time will vary based on whether you use a golf cart to get around the course. The course itself is lined with creeks, trees, bunkers, and water hazards, which means that mastering the course will take time and a substantial amount of practice. Tee times are available from 7 AM-9 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

Popularity Surrounding the Sherwood Country Club

The Sherwood Country Club has been popular even before it existed. As mentioned previously, the land that the club was built on was regularly used as the setting for numerous film and TV shoots. Along with the Dukes of Hazard, two Robin Hood movies were filmed in this location in 1923 and 1938, the latter of which is considered to be a classic. The Robin Hood Cabin that was built for the first film still exists today and is situated on the Sherwood property.

Hundreds of years before movies and television shows were filmed on the land, the Chumash Indians called the area home and lived as gatherers and hunters. Around 1542, Spanish conquistadors landed in California and claimed the land where the Sherwood Country Club now exists. Because of this, the Chumash population decreased significantly by the 1800s. In the decades before the land was used for movie and television sets, it hosted apricot orchards, dairy farms, and chicken ranches. The storied nature of the Sherwood Country Club has only bolstered the club’s prestige.

Events at Sherwood Country Club

The popularity of the Sherwood Country Club and the beauty of the grounds have made it an ideal location for events of all types. Whether you want to host a wedding at the club or would like to schedule a corporate meeting in the club facilities, the majority of events can be accommodated. Additional events that can be held at Sherwood Country Club include bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, school gatherings, and retirement parties.

The beautiful Georgian architectural style that’s displayed at the Sherwood Country Club serves as the perfect backdrop for any event. If you want to host a wedding at this club, it’s important to note that only one wedding is allowed per day. The popularity of this venue means that it may be difficult to get your ideal wedding date unless you book the venue well ahead of time.

Along with the opulent clubhouse that provides the perfect setting for any wedding ceremony, the outdoor croquet lawn is a great place to go for the reception. The croquet lawn is able to accommodate up to 300 guests and is great for couples who are looking for a luxurious setting for the wedding. You and your guests will be greeted by picturesque views of landscaped grounds, forests, fairways, and the sprawling Santa Monica Mountains. The clubhouse itself contains a grand ballroom with all of the finest amenities and features.

No matter which type of event you would like to host at the Sherwood Country Club, there is a specific dress code that every attendee must abide by. Even if you’re just looking to play a round of golf with your new membership, a dress code is required by everyone who visits the club. Keep in mind that this dress code is strictly enforced in the golf clubhouses, on the golf course, and on the practice areas.

For pants, blue jeans and denim are not allowed. However, jeans can be worn when you enter and exit the locker rooms before playing a round of golf. Even though members and guests aren’t allowed to wear athletic shorts, any shorts that have been designed as a part of golf attire are allowed. As for shirts, the only collarless shirt that can be worn in the Sherwood Country Club is a mock turtleneck. Although T-shirts aren’t permitted, you can wear buttoned shirts with a collar.

When you step out onto the golf course, you can wear any type of hat as long as the bill faces forward. Except for the golf pro shop, hats can’t be worn in the clubhouse. If you wear sandals when traveling to the country club, you can only wear them in the locker rooms. This dress code also applies to children and teenagers. If you want to hold an event at the Sherwood Country Club, you can inquire about doing so by seeking a consultation. To schedule a consultation, fill out a form at this link.

Real Estate Available Around Lake Sherwood

lake sherwood property

The Sherwood Country Club is situated nearby the Lake Sherwood community, which is a popular neighborhood that’s comprised of around 660 homes. Residents who live in the community are provided with scenic views of the Lake Sherwood reservoir as well as the Santa Monica Mountains. Most of the homes in this community are single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums, the majority of which are upscale or high-end in nature.

The most luxurious homes in this community are situated within the Sherwood Country Club Estates neighborhood. This neighborhood boasts a gate and 24/7 security, which provides residents with the utmost in privacy and security. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are spacious estate homes with floor plans that range from 4,000-7,000 square feet in size.

The homes in this neighborhood were built primarily after the Sherwood Country Club was created. While you don’t gain membership to the Sherwood Country Club as a resident of this neighborhood, you are provided with an automatic membership to the nearby Sherwood Lake Club. This club offers some of the best views in Southern California and plays host to a famous par-3 golf course that consists of some of the most well-known holes that Jack Nicklaus has designed over the years.

Along with the fun yet challenging golf course, members of the Sherwood Lake Club also gain access to premier dining, tennis, fitness, and swimming facilities. If you would like to gain more information about the properties surrounding the Sherwood Country Club, it’s highly recommended that you speak with a reputable realtor who knows what they’re doing and can guide you through the entire home buying process.

The exclusivity of the Sherwood Country Club is unlike most clubs in Southern California. Even though it can be difficult to gain membership to the club, you could visit as a guest or hold an event at the venue while waiting for your membership.

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