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The Top 7 Happy Hour Spots in Agoura Hills CA

Nicki & Karen » September 27, 2021

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Among the more scenic cities in Southern California is Agoura Hills, which is located in the Santa Monica Mountains area of Los Angeles County. The city is situated right between the Santa Monica Mountains and Simi Valley. While there are plenty of things to do and places to visit while living in or around Agoura Hills, the city is also a great destination for happy hour.

People enjoy attending happy hour because it’s a specific period during the day when a number of alcoholic drinks and tasty appetizers are sold at significantly reduced prices. The exact time when happy hour occurs depends on the restaurant or bar that you visit. However, happy hour is typically between 4PM-7PM, which is when there may be a lull in the amount of guests who are arriving at the restaurant.

While alcoholic drinks are the main attraction of happy hour, many restaurants also offer discounts on “bar food” and appetizers, which could be anything from pretzel bites and French fries to Brussels sprouts and sliders. There are many fantastic spots in Agoura Hills that you can visit when you want to take part in happy hour, the top seven of which are detailed in the following.

1. Tavern Tomoko & Ladyface Brewery

Tavern Tomoko & Ladyface Brewery is a unique brewery in Agoura Hills that offers a delicious menu of American and Japanese cuisine. If you visit during the evening, you may get a chance to hear some live music. The outdoor patio offers wonderful views of the nearby mountains. This is a combined brewery and grill that allows guests to sample American gastropub fare as well as Japanese small plates.

If you decide to visit this brewery for happy hour, you can do so from 2PM-5:30PM on Monday through Friday. Their happy hour beverages include Ladyface ales, the Tomoko mojito, house Cabernet and chardonnay glasses, well drinks, and the house margarita. The drinks they offer are priced between $5-$7 per glass. Other signature cocktails are available with a $2 discount.

As for the food they offer during happy hour, you’ll have access to pork belly, beef, chicken thigh, and chicken meatball skewers for $3-$4 apiece. Additional menu items include pretzel bites, French fries, sweet potato fries, and sliders. Their Yelp rating is currently 4.0 out of 5.0. This alehouse can be found at 29281 Agoura Rd. and is open from 11AM-9PM on Sunday through Thursday and from 11AM-10PM on Friday and Saturday.

2. Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House

The Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House is a popular restaurant with a comfortable and cozy atmosphere that offers a menu of American cuisine. If you decide to visit this restaurant for happy hour, you can do so every day from 2PM-6PM. Keep in mind that none of the food or beverages can be ordered to go. You can only take part in happy hour and gain access to the available discounts by first purchasing an alcoholic beverage. Their house wines and vast selection of beers have $1 discounts during happy hour. Well drinks are also discounted.

The types of food that you can purchase at a discount during happy hour include street tacos, quesadilla rolls, wings, BBQ sliders, Ahi tacos, tavern mac and cheese, crab cakes, chips and salsa, and baby back ribs. Some of these items are occasionally switched with new ones. Their Yelp rating is currently 4.0 out of 5.0. The Tavern 101 Grill is situated at 28434 Roadside Dr. in Agoura Hills and is open from 11:30AM-9PM on Monday through Thursday, from 11:30AM-10PM on Friday and Saturday, and from 10AM-9PM on Sunday.

3. 101 North Eatery & Bar

The 101 North Eatery & Bar is an upscale eatery that offers a menu of New American cuisine. This cuisine is made for guests by a reputable Michelin Star chef. If you visit the 101 North Eatery & Bar during happy hour, you’ll have many options to select from. Happy hour is available from 4PM-6Pm on Tuesday through Saturday. During happy hour, the restaurant’s well cocktails and tap beers can be purchased for $6.

On the other hand, all of their wines and specialty cocktails are available for $8 per glass. If you would like to pair your glass or wine or beer with some food, their happy hour menu is extensive and includes dishes like margherita pizza, short rib sliders, falafel sliders, crispy chicken sliders, and hummus. Their Yelp rating is currently 4.0 out of 5.0. This restaurant is located at 30760 Russell Ranch Rd. in Westlake Village and is open from 4PM-9PM on Tuesday through Thursday and from 4PM-10PM on Friday and Saturday. The eatery is closed on Sunday and Monday.

4. Boar Dough Tasting Room

The Boar Dough Tasting Room is a chic and stylish bistro in Agoura Hills with a focus on comfort food that uses fresh seasonal ingredients. Happy hour is available to guests from 5PM-6PM on Tuesday through Thursday. During happy hour, you’ll find that the Boar Dough Tasting Room offers a comprehensive list of wines, beers, and cocktails for you to sample at a discount. Some of their red, white, and rose wine varietals are available for $5 during happy hour.

The many beers and ciders that they have on hand can be purchased for $6-$7 during happy hour. You’ll also have access to some appetizers, which include hand-cut fries, bacon-wrapped dates, house pickles, and seasonal berries. Their Yelp rating is currently 4.0 out of 5.0. The Boar Dough Tasting Room can be found at 5015 Cornell Rd. in Agoura Hills and is open from 5PM-9PM on Wednesday and Thursday, from 5PM-10PM on Friday, from 11AM-10PM on Saturday, and from 10AM-8PM on Sunday. They are closed every Monday and Tuesday.

5. Mejico Grill & Tequila Lounge

The Mejico Grill & Tequila Lounge is a modern and stylish Mexican grill in Agoura Hills that offers spacious seating and large TV sets that allow you and your friends to sit back and relax while watching the game. Happy hour at the Mejico Grill is available every day from 2PM-6PM. During happy hour, you can purchase a house margarita, house wine, or well drink for $6 per glass. Happy hour beers are available for $4.

You’ll also find that the Mejico Grill & Tequila Lounge offers some of their most popular specialty cocktails during happy hour for $12 apiece, which include the Mezcal Mule and the Mezcal Old Fashioned. You can purchase appetizers with a $3 discount while happy hour is ongoing. The appetizers available at Mejico Grill & Tequila Lounge include sliders, queso fundido, tlayuda, guacamole, rajas con elote, and panuchos. Their Yelp rating is currently 4.0 out of 5.0. This restaurant is located at 29008 Agoura Rd. in Agoura Hills and is open from 12AM-8PM on Sunday through Thursday and from 12AM-10PM on Friday and Saturday. They are closed on Monday.

6. Sage Plant Based Bistro

The Sage Plant Based Bistro is a modern vegan restaurant in Agoura Hills that provides guests with an expansive menu of delicious vegan dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. If you want to visit this bistro during happy hour, you can do so between 3PM-7PM on Monday through Friday. A selection of drinks and food are available during happy hour. All of their beers are on sale for $6 while happy hour is ongoing. A glass of wine or sangria can be purchased for $8. If you’re in the mood for a specialty cocktail, drinks like the Moscow Mule, Tequila Mule, and house margarita can be purchased for $10.

In the event that you would like to pair your drink with some appetizers, options like chips and guacamole, baked pretzels, and street tacos are available for $6. Loaded nachos can be purchased for $10. Some additional menu items that you can obtain during happy hour include crispy potato taquitos, smashed avocado toast, and heirloom tomato pizza, all of which are available for $12. Their Yelp rating is currently 4.5 out of 5.0. This bistro has a location at 5046 Cornell Rd. in Agoura Hills and is open from 9AM-9PM on Sunday through Thursday and from 9AM-10PM on Friday and Saturday.

7. Los Agaves

Los Agaves is a casual restaurant in Westlake Village that specializes in Mexican cuisine. Along with providing guests with a warm and friendly environment, Los Agaves only uses high-quality and fresh ingredients. Happy hour at Los Agaves is the lengthiest one around and can be attended from 11AM-5PM every day. Their primary offerings during happy hour are their margaritas, which can be purchased for $7.

Additional drinks provided during happy hour include domestic and imported beers, sangria, and various cocktails. Some of the appetizers that you can pair with your drink during happy hour include a fish taco, shrimp taco, rice and beans, homemade tortillas, and a side house salad. Their Yelp rating is currently 4.0 out of 5.0. Los Agaves can be found at 30750 Russell Ranch Rd. in Westlake Village and is open every day from 11AM-9PM.

Agoura Hills is home to a diverse selection of restaurants that specialize in many different cuisines and can satisfy a range of different palates. If you’re interested in Mexican cuisine and Mexican-inspired cocktails for happy hour, Los Agaves and Mejico Grill are a couple of great options. Places like the 101 North Eatery and Tavern 101 Grill offer some classic and New American dishes that might be what you’re looking for.

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