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The Exclusive North Ranch Country Club

Nicki & Karen » November 5, 2018

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Southern California is a fantastic place to live for anyone who enjoys beautiful weather, spectacular scenery consisting of panoramic ocean views and mountainous terrain, and being in close proximity to many premier shopping centers and restaurants in the area. The Southern California lifestyle is a relaxing one that’s buoyed by having access to some of the finest luxury golf courses in the U.S.


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One such luxury golf course is the North Ranch Country Club, which is an exclusive country club located in Westlake Village that provides residents of the North Ranch neighborhood with access to championship-level golf and tennis facilities.

Situated at 4761 Valley Spring Dr., the North Ranch Country Club provides members with an upscale yet laid-back atmosphere where they can socialize with other club members, have fun on the golf course, or enjoy the many exciting club amenities. These amenities extend from a wine club to a state-of-the-art gym.

When you’ve purchased a home in or around Westlake Village and are searching for the right country club to become a member of, consider learning more about the North Ranch Country Club and all that this upscale country club has to offer.

History of the North Ranch Country Club

The North Ranch Country Club has a storied past that first began in the latter years of the 1800’s. As was the case with much of Southern California, the area where the country club now rests was originally used for the filming of various TV shows and movies from Hollywood, the most popular of which were Buck Rogers and Gunsmoke. It wasn’t until 1963 that the American Steamship Club bought the land that the country club is situated on. Over the years, plans for the country club were designed and developed until the club was finally opened in 1977.

Around 13 years later, the club was purchased from Prudential Insurance by the club’s members, which gave its members complete ownership.  Since that time, the club has grown exponentially and has served as the centerpiece of the luxurious North Ranch neighborhood.

Both the course and clubhouse have seen substantial growth in the past 28 years, which has allowed for the expansion of the most popular club amenities. The main goal of the country club’s staff is to make sure that every member is provided with a memorable experience each time they visit.


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Golfing at The North Ranch Country Club

The 27-hole championship course at the North Ranch Country Club was initially designed by Ted Robinson in 1976. These 27 holes are spread out across three separate 9-hole courses, each of which offers a significantly different golfing experience. No matter which of the three courses you play on, you’ll be presented with amazing views of the nearby mountains as well as the myriad of oak trees that situated around the course.

The greens of these golf courses are pristine and the fairways are pleasant to golf on. While some of the holes are very difficult, you’ll notice that the course itself is kept in impeccable condition, which makes for a much less frustrating experience on the course.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran, you likely know that practicing is essential before beginning a round. To that end, the North Ranch Country Club offers extensive practice facilities, which include a spacious driving range with high quality balls, a putting and chipping area, and a bunker where you can practice your recovery shots.

When you’re getting ready to set out on the golf course, the three options at your disposal include the Valley Course, Oaks Course, and Lakes Course.

The Valley Course is likely the most difficult of the three courses since you’ll need to be very accurate off the tee in order to obtain a low score. The greens are small and typically surrounded by bunkers. You’ll also need to be wary of the water hazard directly in front of the green on the seventh hole.

The Lakes Course is a lengthy one but provides you with wide fairways for easier drives off the tee. Look out for the 8th hole, which is considered to be among the trickier holes on any golf course in California since you need to hit the ball over a large body of water.

As for the Oaks Course, this can a difficult course but won’t punish you when you hit the ball in the rough. The third hole on this course offers picturesque scenery and provides you with a downhill Par 5, which makes it easy to get a low score.

If you’re interested in golfing on these courses but would like to improve your game before doing so, there are special golf clinics that are held for both men and women on a regular basis. There are also three professionals who offer in-depth training for junior golfers from the ages of 6-16. When you become a member, your child may be able to join and will learn all facets of the game from instructors who have been trained by the PGA. These weekly golf clinics extend to everything from the fundamentals of the game to golf course management.


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Tennis at the North Ranch Country Club

While the golf facilities make up the main attraction at this country club, the tennis facilities provide members with a great place to play tennis. Each of the 12 professionally-lighted tennis courts come with a hard surface that can be used in any weather. Along with the primary membership options available at this country club, you’ll be given full access to these tennis facilities with the athletic membership. Some of the many benefits that you’ll receive with an athletic membership include access to USTA leagues for all skill levels, weekly junior and adult clinics, private lessons from tennis professionals, and a well-stocked tennis pro shop.

The professional tennis trainers on hand provide children with a comprehensive junior program that’s outfitted with three types of classes, which are referred to as red ball, orange ball, and green ball groups. The red ball clinic is an entry level group for children between the ages of 4-6. These young children will learn only the very basics of tennis. The orange ball program is available for children from 7-9 years old, which is when they’ll start to learn stroke development and how to develop an identity as a tennis player. Children in this group will also learn how to read different spin types to achieve the perfect shot. The green ball program is provided to children and adolescents from the ages of 10-18, during which they will learn how to master the game of tennis while also competing in various tournaments.

Dining, Events, & Catering at the North Ranch Country Club

Even though golf and tennis make up the primary focus areas of staff at the North Ranch Country Club, there are also some world-class amenities that cover dining options, events, and catering. The North Ranch Country club provides members with a wonderful upscale restaurant that offers an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere alongside delectable five-star menus.

These menus consist entirely of farm-to-table plates, which means that every ingredient on the menu is locally sourced. There are four distinct dining areas situated throughout the restaurant along with additional patio and outdoor seating areas where you can eat and enjoy the view.


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Wine lovers will appreciate the amazing wine culture at this restaurant, which is displayed by the 20 wine events held throughout the year. These events include wine dinners that are hosted by some of the local vineyards in Southern California, wine seminars, and wine and food festivals that are held annually. They carry more than 350 bottles of wine across 27 different varieties that come from all around the world.

The staff at this restaurant include a pastry chef, maitre’d, and an executive chef. If you’re hosting a special event at the club in the near future, you might also want to consider the catering options that are available to members. Whether you’re hosting a business meeting or wedding at the club, the professional catering department offers a range of unique menus and packages that you can tailor to your exact needs.

Membership & Benefits

Any membership to the North Ranch Country Club comes with a substantial list of benefits for you to take advantage of. The four membership categories that are available for you to consider include a full equity membership, an associate full membership, an athletic membership, and a social membership. Each of these memberships apply to you and your immediate family.

The full equity membership offers access to practically every feature at the club, which includes full privileges for the golf course, tennis courts, and other club amenities.

The associate full membership is available to individuals below the age of 40 and includes the same features as the full equity membership.

The athletic membership is centered mainly on the tennis and social amenities provided by the club. However, this membership allows you to play golf once every quarter.

The social membership will give you access to all of the social features and amenities at the club, which include clubhouse dining, golf privileges once every quarter, the ability to host private parties, access to social and family event calendars, and access to the many wine events.


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You’ll also be happy to know that a new athletic center is coming soon that will provide you with even more amenities to enjoy in a sizable 11,500 square foot complex. This athletic center will include three spacious pools, massage rooms, locker rooms, fitness facilities, and a fitness classroom. The center is available to individuals with the full equity or associate full memberships.

Becoming a member

When you want to become a member and enjoy the peaceful lifestyle afforded by the country club, you’ll need to fill out this form.

Looking to Join the North Ranch Community?

The North Ranch community is an eventful yet peaceful one that’s centered around spending time outdoors in the beautiful Southern California weather. Along with the many perks and amenities provided by the North Ranch Country Club when you become a member, the neighborhood itself provides residents with scenic mountain and lake views as well as prime access to the many upscale shopping and entertainment venues found minutes away in the core of the Westlake Village.

If you believe that you would enjoy spending time at the sprawling golf course and modern tennis facilities, you might want to consider searching for a home in the North Ranch neighborhood. When you’ve made the decision to do so, browse our many North Ranch homes for sale. Contact the agents at Nicki & Karen Southern California Real Estate today to start searching for your perfect North Ranch home!

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