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The Complete Guide to Agoura Hills Weather

Nicki & Karen » April 10, 2022

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Among the most desirable places to live in the U.S. is Agoura Hills in Southern California, known for its spectacular weather all year round. Residents benefit from more than 280 days of the year of beautiful, sunny weather on average, which is considerably higher than the national average of 205 days. The pleasant weather that persists throughout the year is the perfect backdrop for a trip to a local park or a hike in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains.

Although weather in California is less extreme when compared to other parts of the world, the weather does vary by season. These variances are felt most by those who are familiar with Southern California weather. If you’re about to move to Agoura Hills or another location in Southern California, understanding how the seasons differ when it comes to weather can help you get the most out of your life here. Different activities and attractions can be enjoyed more in different seasons. The following is a comprehensive guide on Agoura Hills weather and how it changes throughout the year.

Typical Agoura Hills Weather by Season

Before delving deeper into Agoura Hills weather and how it differs with each seasons, keep in mind that temperatures hardly ever dip below freezing in this part of Southern California. The changes in temperature affects how the local residents are able to enjoy their community throughout the year.

The activities that residents tend to take part in differ with each passing season. While the temperatures don’t necessarily change substantially, the Agoura Hills community has a rich culture and prides itself on creating activities that perfectly match the ongoing season.

Spring in Agoura Hills

Winter in Agoura Hills

The winter months in Agoura Hills are some of the most pleasant of the year. If you enjoy cooler temperatures but don’t love when temperatures fall below the freezing point, Agoura Hills may be the ideal destination for you. From December through February, the average high temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit alongside an average low of 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

While temperatures can dip lower, they don’t remain consistently low for too long. Keep in mind that the winter months fall during the rainy season, which means that this period of the year has the least amount of sun compared to the other seasons.

Even though residents can experience more rain during the cool winter months, there are still plenty of fun activities and events that locals enjoy at this time of year, most of which center around the holiday season. While some events take place in January and February, the majority of activities occur from the end of November until the end of December, during which there are several holidays that many events are planned around.

If you want to enjoy the best activities that the winter season has to offer, consider taking part in skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or cross country skiing. Some of the most popular winter events in 2021 included the Holiday Road LA Walk-thru Light Show, Letters to Santa, and a house-decorating contest.

Spring in Agoura Hills

Spring is considered by many residents to be the most comfortable season of the year. The average highs from March to May oscillate between 65-69 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season begins to dissipate, which means that you can make plans to spend time outdoors without worrying too much about the weather.

Now that the rainy season and the cooler winter temperatures are gone, many of the activities that residents partake in throughout the summer involve outdoor excursions of fishing, kayaking, hiking, hunting, and off-road motorsports. In fact, Agoura Hills is known for its hiking trails. As the leaves begin to return to the trees, the views around the city are at their best.

Lengthy hikes can be enjoyed without worrying about the heat. Many of the springtime events in Agoura Hills are focused on celebrating Easter. If you have children, your whole family can have fun doing crafts and taking pictures with the Easter Bunny. Breakfast with the Bunny & Egg Hunts is an annual tradition in Agoura Hills.

Beach during the Summer in Agoura Hills

Summer in Agoura Hills

Like most of Southern California, the temperatures can get quite hot in Agoura Hills at the height of the summer. While the average high for June is around 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the average highs for July and August vary between 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though it can get hot during the warm summer months, there are also many days where the temperatures will be comfortable and in the mid 70’s or low 80’s. Rain is at its most infrequent during the summer season, which should make it easy to plan any outdoor trip or activity.

If you have children, there are many wonderful summer camps that they can attend, which include everything from Aloha Beach Camp to Camp Keystone. You could also spend some time at one of the local beaches, the primary of which include El Matador Beach and Point Dume State Beach.

If you’d like to attend an event during the summer, Agoura Hills plays host to numerous movie and concert in the park events, which are great to attend if you want to socialize with others in your community.

Fall in Agoura Hills

Just like the spring season, the latter fall months are some of the most pleasant of the year. While September still retains the warm summer temperatures, average highs drop to 67-73 degrees Fahrenheit in October and November. Even though the rainy season begins in the fall, most fall days will still be sunny, which is perfect for spending time outdoors.

The activities that are best to do in the fall are also the ones that were recommended for the comfortable spring season. You’ll be able to enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, and camping during the relatively cool fall season.

When you’re thinking of attending an event, most events during the fall center around the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. However, these events can be highly varied and include everything from visiting a pumpkin patch and attending a parade to taking a fall foliage tour.

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Catching Sunrise and Sunset in Agoura Hills

Living in Agoura Hills gives you immediate access to some of the most beautiful scenery in Southern California. If you want to watch a sunrise or sunset with views of the scenic landscape, there are several destinations to stop by, the primary of which are the Santa Monica Mountains.

Best Spot to Catch Sunrise in Agoura Hills

Ladyface Trail: This is a difficult two-mile trail that takes around 1.5 hours to hike but offers some of the best views in Southern California.

Many Agoura Hills residents find that this is a fantastic earning morning hike, which makes it the ideal destination when you want to watch the sunrise. As with any hike, the best time of the year to visit is when the temperatures are comfortable and not blisteringly hot.

Angel Vista: This is a relatively easy and scenic four-mile hike through Rosewood Trail. Once you reach the top of the trail, you’ll have 360-degree views of Agoura Hills, which is the perfect backdrop for watching the sunrise.

Cistern Trail: This is a relatively short trail that should only take you around 45 minutes to hike. Among the many trails in and around Agoura Hills, the Cistern Trail has some of the most spectacular scenery. If you reach the eastern portion of the Lookout Trail, you’ll be able to see the sun as it rises over a sandstone rock formation known as the Goat Buttes.

Best Spot to Watch the Sunset in Agoura Hills

Zuma Beach: There’s nothing like watching the sun setting along the horizon as you sit on the soft sands of Zuma Beach. When you first arrive, surfers will be doing their best to catch the last waves before the sun sets. Because of how popular this beach is, consider visiting during the spring or fall seasons to benefit from more comfortable temperatures and less crowds.

Sandstone Peak: This is the highest peak in all of the Santa Monica Mountains at 3,111 feet of elevation. The hike itself is moderately difficult and can take you around three hours to complete. Once you reach the top, the scenery will be unforgettable as you’re provided with panoramic views of the sprawling Pacific Coast. Visit during the spring season for the most picturesque views.

Mugu Peak: Point Mugu State Park is known for offering five miles of beautiful beaches. Within this park is a trailhead that takes you to Mugu Peak. At the top of this trail, you’ll gain access to some of the most gorgeous views of the nearby ocean, which makes it a great place to go when watching the sunset.

Keep in mind that this is among the most difficult trails to hike in and around Agoura Hills, which is something you should plan for if you want to reach the peak before the sun sets. Because of the difficulty of reaching the peak, consider visiting when the temperatures are cooler.

Quail run in Agoura Hills, CA

Living in Agoura Hills, CA

Residents who live in Agoura Hills are able to enjoy delightful weather throughout much of the year, convenient access to Downtown Los Angeles, great shopping destinations, and many delicious eateries. Agoura Hills is known as being an upscale place to live. The average price for a home in this area is $1.2 million. However, there are numerous homes in this city that are priced at $2-$5 million.

These homes and properties tend to be situated in the gated communities around Agoura Hills, which include Newbury Vista Homes and Hidden Valley. Agoura Hills is considered by most residents to be a safe place to live. If you find a home in a gated community, you’ll benefit from 24/7 security that will keep you and your family safe all throughout the year.

Many current residents chose to move to Agoura Hills because they knew the weather would be amazing at nearly all times of the year. Even though the seasonal differences aren’t as extreme as other places in the U.S., the seasons are different enough to provide you with ample amounts of variety in the activities you take part in and the events you attend throughout the year.

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