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9 Guaranteed Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Sell Your Home

Nicki & Karen » September 19, 2022

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Once you have made the decision to sell your home and have worked on the real estate listing that will be placed online, there’s still some work left to do. It’s not enough to just put the listing online and expect the home to sell itself. If you want to get eyes on the listing, you should perform some real estate marketing, which will allow you to increase the interest that potential buyers show in your home.

There are many different types of marketing you can use when you want to effectively sell your home. The best marketing materials are ones that are unique, aesthetically appealing, and memorable. If you’re finding it difficult to determine which marketing channels will be the most effective, try to think outside the box when implementing paid advertising, social media content, website ads, SEO, and email marketing.

The types of marketing you perform to sell your home can include everything from creating short-form videos to paying for ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When these marketing materials are properly distributed, there’s a higher chance that your home will gain interest from multiple buyers, which could lead to two or more bids being made.

Great marketing should help you sell your home more quickly and at a price that’s at or above your listing price. This guide goes into more detail about nine of the top real estate marketing ideas that should be able to help you sell your home.

Short-form Videos

Short-form real estate content has proven to be highly effective in the real estate market at driving interest in properties. Placing these videos on a listing website or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook should be able to draw more buyers to your home.

By making short-form videos that properly advertise key areas in your home, you can produce engaging content without needing to spend thousands of dollars. Anything that sets your home apart from the rest gives you a good opportunity to increase interest in your home, which may lead to more offers being made. Consider focusing on any areas in your home that have recently been upgraded.

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Create a Website

Another great marketing technique you can use to more effectively sell your home involves creating a website outside of the standard real estate listing sites like Zillow and Trulia. Having a promotional website for your home gives you the opportunity to provide potential buyers with a more in-depth view of your home than is possible on a standard real estate listing.

The majority of consumers will browse the internet extensively to thoroughly research the services and products they’re interested in before making a purchase. The same is true for buyers who want to make an offer on a home. Creating a website allows you to include the listing on the website and input regular updates about the property and sale that potential buyers would want to know.

If you’re creating a promotional website to sell your home, make sure that the design is beautiful and that the layout is functional. When people visit your promotional website, they should be able to do so without lengthy load times or a cluttered design. You might even want to add a mortgage calculator to the website, which makes it easier for potential buyers to identify if they can afford your home.

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Run Paid Social Media Promotions

If you have room in the marketing budget, consider running paid social media promotions, which are essentially paid ads that can be placed on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The right ads will allow you to display your home to potential buyers, properly promote your listing, and make buyers more likely to provide an offer.

Make sure that you use the best images of your home when creating social media ads. If you use a platform like Instagram, you can choose a target audience, post type, budget, and total length for your ads. It’s also possible to implement targeted hashtags if you want to be certain that your posts are displayed to your primary audience.

If you believe that you’re too busy to make social media ads that will effectively market your home, keep in mind that the ad programs available through Facebook, Google, and Instagram make it easy for you to create ads in just a short period of time.

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Use Drone Photography

A more modern marketing technique that has proven to be popular is the use of drone photography, which can be invaluable when you’re trying to capture the true value of your property. Drone photography involves capturing video and still images with an autonomous or remotely operated unmanned aerial vehicle, which is referred to as a drone.

Since drones can be flown at varying heights and distances, it’s possible to capture video and imagery that would otherwise be difficult to capture by human photographers. Drones are relatively small and are capable of being used in harsher environments without issue. If you want to obtain a more expansive view of your home, drone photography is a great way to do so.

Keep in mind that there are many drone designs and sizes for you to consider. For instance, you can obtain a drone with a jet engine or a rotor-based design. These drones tend to cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000 to buy. The most expensive drones are priced at around $50,000-$75,000.

Once you purchase one of these drones, you can use it to take panoramic shots of your home’s exterior as well as the surrounding landscape. Since very few homeowners and listing agents use drone photography, the images and video you take should help your home stand out from the rest. You can place the videos you take alongside the virtual tour of your home.

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Create a Zillow Profile

Another method you can use to promote your listing and reach interested buyers is to create a Zillow profile. This option is mainly available to listing agents. As the primary listing website, Zillow gains more than 188 million views every month, which provides you with the opportunity to push yourself and your home in front of many new prospects. A Zillow profile can consist of listings as well as personal contact information.

Partner with Local Businesses to Promote Your Listings

When you want to promote your listings, you should consider partnering with local businesses. If you have any local connections with coffee shops, clothing boutiques, and home decor showrooms, these are places where promoting your listings would be beneficial in getting potential buyers to view your home. Your listings could be promoted with open house ads or discounts on goods that home buyers can gain access to.

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Film Video Walkthroughs

A video walkthrough is among the most effective solutions when you’re trying to sell your home. While the images that are paired with a listing can be helpful at showing buyers what your home looks like, they are also static and might not be enough for some buyers to make an offer.

On the other hand, video walkthroughs provide potential buyers with a virtual tour of your home, which makes it much easier for these individuals to envision living there. Posting these clips to your listing should also add more credibility to your home since it shows that you’re serious about selling the property.

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Collect and Display Testimonials

One option you have to gain views for your listing is to display client testimonials, which bolsters credibility and builds trust that can pay dividends when you distribute marketing materials. This solution is ideal for experienced listing agents who have already had successful sales in the past.

Previous customers should be able to provide a short paragraph on how helpful the agent was. Once this content has been collected, it can be placed on a website that everyone who views the listing will be able to see.

Virtually Stage Your Listings

Virtually staging your home is an effective solution for your listing since it allows you to pique buyer interest by providing them with a preview of what your home will look like once the buyer has moved in. Virtual staging websites give buyers the opportunity to change how the rooms appear with furniture in them.

For instance, a spare bedroom could be virtually staged as a home office or kid’s room. By allowing buyers to more accurately identify what the home will be like after they move in, they might be more likely to make an offer that matches or exceeds the sale price. The top virtual staging software solutions include BoxBrownie, VisualStager, and Virtual Staging Solutions.

Selling your home in a short period of time and at a high value requires a considerable amount of preparation. Along with making sure that your listing is appealing and properly displays the main details of your home, marketing is also essential if you want to reach as many potential buyers as possible. The solutions detailed above are a great starting point when marketing your property.

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