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7 Top Moving Services in Calabasas

Nicki & Karen » July 22, 2019

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Moving to a new home in Southern California can make for a difficult and time-consuming process that comes with an array of challenges to tackle, which include everything from dealing with traffic and finding the right place to park to lugging heavy furniture around. Even packing your current home before the move can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you attempt to handle all of these issues by yourself, you will likely become stressed out and frustrated during a time in your life that’s supposed to be exciting and adventurous.

Whether you’re moving into a home in Calabasas or are on you’re way out of the area, hiring professional movers will help make the entire process significantly more enjoyable. Professional movers have the expertise necessary to handle all facets of moving, which include everything from packing to transportation for your belongings. By hiring the right professional movers for the job, you can focus on building and enjoying your new home and this exciting period of your life without needing to worry about the safety of your belongings and the logistics of your move.

7. Nextop Moving

Nextop Moving is a moving company in Oceanside that offers extensive moving services to residents of Southern California. They offer both local and long-distance moving services, the latter of which you can use for interstate moves. Their professional moving crew includes highly experienced drivers, foremen, and assistants, all of whom make sure that the moving process goes off without a hitch. They also provide a dedicated moving consultant who will guide you through the entirety of the move, which should help put you at ease. Along with the large trucks that they have on hand, they can also provide you with any moving and packing supplies that you might need.

The packing services that they offer are available as partial packing or full-service packing, which allows you to tailor the services to your moving needs. Short-term and long-term storage solutions are also available at Nextop Moving. If you have many pieces of furniture that need to be moved to a new location, they can disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture for you. Customers who have used the services provided by Nextop Moving like that the movers always arrive on time and that they are able to pack items quickly without damaging them.

Learn more or request a quote from Nextop Moving here.

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6. Ready-To-Go Movers

Ready-To-Go Movers is a family-owned moving company based out of Thousand Oaks that aims to be attentive, fast, and courteous no matter which moving services they are providing. Among the more notable aspects of their business is that you can hire their moving company on short notice if absolutely necessary. They even offer same-day service in many situations, which is possible because they have an emergency crew that’s ready to deploy at all times. While they mainly specialize in local moving, they also offer long-distance moving services to both Arizona and Nevada as well as the entirety of California. If you’ve never packed a home before, their movers include packing and unpacking services that extend to large pieces of furniture as well as pianos.

All of their services are available at an hourly charge. The customers who have hired this moving company in the past like the quality of the company’s customer service. No matter when you contact them, they will attend to your call immediately and answer any moving question that you might have. They work quickly as well, which is great when you have a large number of items to move in a short period of time. While they offer a variety of discounts and special offers throughout the year, their main offer involves a $25 for $50 deal on Yelp.

Learn more or request a quote from Ready-To-Go Movers here.

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5. Cross Country Long Distance Movers

Cross Country Long Distance Movers is an esteemed moving company in Southern California that offers a variety of services, which includes local moving, long-distance moving, heavy item moving, packing, unpacking, crating, and storage services. Their contact and response time throughout the entire moving process is considered to be among the best in the business. When you request a free quote for their moving services, they will respond within 10 minutes no matter the time of the day. The modern moving trucks that they use to transport your belongings undergo routine diagnostic checks, which ensures that your items get to their destination without issue.

They can transport any item that you need to have moved to your new home, which includes large vehicles. They go above and beyond to make sure that they handle every item with care, which is why you might want to consider obtaining their packing services instead of handling this aspect of the moving process on your own. Customers who have used their services like that the company offers competitive rates that never seem to be too high for the level of service that they provide. They also like that the employees at the company are all friendly and patient, which means that you can ask any question that comes to mind throughout the moving process.

Learn more or request a quote from Cross Country Long Distance Movers here.

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4. Happy Home Moving

Happy Hope Moving is a family-owned and operated moving company that offers free estimates on all of their moving services as well as a satisfaction guaranteed claim. They are full-service movers, which means that they offer every kind of service that you might require during a local or long-distance move. Some of these services include piano moving, furniture moving, large item moving, and packing and unpacking services. When you select this company for your move, you can be confident that your belongings will be safe. If ever damage occurs to an item, they offer free liability coverage that will take care of any replacement costs.

Their local and long-distance moving services also include such services as free use of blankets and wardrobe boxes, the disassembling and reassembling of furniture, and unlimited shrink-wrap. All of their services are available at an hourly rate. Customers who have used this company in the past like that the movers are efficient when packing and placing boxes in the moving trucks, which keeps hourly costs low. Customers also like that there aren’t any extra costs for things like going up and down stairs, which isn’t true with all moving companies. When you’re selecting their moving services, you might notice that they offer promo codes on a regular basis. The current code allows for five free moving boxes.

Learn more or request a quote from Happy Home Moving here.

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3. Caesar Moving

Caesar Moving is a moving company in Southern California that offers a wide variety of residential, long-distance, and commercial moving services. All of these services are flexible, which means that they can be made to fit around your schedule. They strive to provide some of the lowest rates available by moving companies. In order to accomplish this goal, they offer several different service tiers. For instance, if you select their local moving services, the options that they provide include two movers and a truck, three movers and a truck, and four movers and a truck.

One aspect of moving that they focus on intently involves keeping your possessions safe and protected, which they do by using high-quality packing materials and moving blankets. Past customers of Caesar Moving like that the movers are always friendly and professional, which helps to keep stress low. They also make sure that their customers know what to expect when moving day comes, which means that there won’t be any surprises when moving to your new home. They offer regular discounts of 10-25 percent off, which you should look into before your big move.

Learn more or request a quote from Caesar Moving here.

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2. Relocation Network

Relocation Network is a full-service moving company that offers all kinds of different moving and storage services. If you’ve moved but your new home isn’t quite ready, they can provide you with access to climate-controlled storage units that will keep your possessions safe and secure. Along with their local and long-distance moving services, they also offer such moving services as furniture transportation, heavy item moving, crating, packing, and unpacking. Once you’ve arrived at your new home, they can also help you assemble your furniture. This is a great company to select if you want every facet of your move to be handled by them. Since they can pack, transport, and assemble your belongings, you won’t need to be involved in much of the actual moving process.

They have 20 years of experience, which allows them to understand the most effective packing and transportation methods for your possessions. Customers who have used Relocation Network in the past find that the movers are professional and always on time, which is great if you want to get out of your current home and into your new one by a specific deadline. When you obtain a free quote from them, they make sure to highlight every component of the cost, which should make you confident that there aren’t any hidden fees. They offer a variety of specials for new and recurring customers to take advantage of, which include 10 percent off packing materials, one month of free storage on long-distance moves, and discounts for seniors and members of the military.

Learn more or request a quote from Relocation Network here.

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1. Movers Calabasas

Movers Calabasas is a well-rated moving company that’s been in the business for only nine years but has already amassed a sterling reputation. They offer a suite of moving services that extend to local moving, long-distance moving, and corporate moving. If you’re moving to California from a different state or are planning to leave California, their long-distance moving services take everything into account, which includes protecting your belongings during the lengthy trip. They can also move these items based entirely on your schedule.

Customers who have used this moving company in the past love how quick and efficient they are. When you give them a time to arrive at your new home, they are certain to be punctual. Movers Calabasas offers free quotes and makes sure to handle every item they pack and transport with care. The main deal that the company is offering at the moment is a $20 for $40 deal that can be printed off their Yelp page or obtained from the Yelp app.

Learn more or request a quote from Movers Calabasas here.

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Moving to a luxury estate in Southern California may be a long and stressful process. However, if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Southern California, contact our team of local real estate professionals at Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate and one of these top moving service companies to help you along the way!


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