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The Neighborhoods of Westlake Village

Nicki & Karen » March 11, 2019

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3802 Charthouse
3802 Charthouse in Westlake Village, represented by Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate

Westlake Village is the heart of the Conejo Valley and is known for providing residents with spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and nearby Westlake lake. Those who live in Westlake Village have access to many outdoor activities like hiking, shopping, dining, and surfing in nearby Malibu.

The location of the expansive lake in the middle of the city also provides you with the ability to take part in an array of exciting lakeside activities such as boating and lake fishing with friends and family. The weather is spectacular for much of the year with many days providing sunshine and comfortable temperatures that make it easy to spend your time outdoors.

The city itself is also in close proximity to many entertainment and shopping hubs such as Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, and Downtown Los Angeles, which is yet another reason why Westlake Village is such a popular destination for prospective homeowners. When you’re on the lookout for a home in Westlake Village that meets your needs, there are well over two dozen neighborhoods in the city for you to consider, many of which are detailed in the following.

If you’re looking for a Westlake Village home for sale, there are many great neighborhoods and communities for you to select from! Continue reading to learn more or start browsing all Westlake Village homes for sale including our very own featured Southern California Luxury Properties.

Quick jump to a Westlake Village community:

Bridgehaven Homes [Gated Community] ($1.5-$2 million)

Bridgehaven is a wonderful gated community in Westlake Village that offers privacy and seclusion despite the fact that it’s located just down the road from the heart of the city. It’s a relatively small neighborhood that’s comprised of around 40 single-family homes that have floor plans of anywhere from 3,500-5,000 square feet. Many of these homes were first built in the late 1990’s, which means that they’re still in great condition.

The existence of an HOA ensures that all homes and lawns within the neighborhood are maintained at a high quality which helps maintain appreciating home values. Many of the homes in this neighborhood have spacious floor plans with an open design that you would expect to find in similar estate homes. Some of the best schools like Westlake Elementary are located within walking distance from this neighborhood.

First Neighborhood Homes ($800,000-$1.3 million)

First Neighborhood is notable for being the first planned neighborhood that was developed in Westlake Village back in the late 1960’s, which means that most of the homes in this area were originally built back then. Even though the homes were built many years ago, most properties have received extensive renovations since then. The neighborhood itself is a suburban neighborhood with spacious sidewalks for running and exercising as well as large yards.

There are close to 300 homes in this neighborhood, which range in size from 1,500-3,000 square feet. The best aspect of this neighborhood is that residents have close proximity to many fantastic destinations. Your children can walk to the White Oak Elementary School or community pool without even needing to leave the neighborhood. A farmer’s market and a variety of smaller boutiques can found on the edge of the community as well.

Foxmoor Homes ($750,000-$1.25 million)

Foxmoor is a great neighborhood in Westlake Village that consists of more than 300 separate homes, all of which have floor plans of 1,700-3,500 square feet. Some of the homes are smaller single-family residences, while a few of the larger properties are considered to be estate homes.

Many residents who’ve purchased a home in this community do so because of its fantastic location. The sprawling Westlake Plaza shopping center as well as the pristine Westlake Lake are both just a couple blocks away from this neighborhood. The architectural style of many of the homes in this community is more traditional and classical, which isn’t available in many neighborhoods throughout Westlake Village.

Foxmoor Glen Homes ($800,000-$1.1 million)

Foxmoor Glen is a relatively small neighborhood that was among the first neighborhoods in the city. The close to 50 homes in this community were built in the late 1960’s, which means that they were crafted in a traditional Westlake Village architectural style. The floor plans in these homes range from 1,700-3,600 square feet, which provides prospective homeowners with a substantial amount of variety. The homes in this neighborhood are spacious single-family residences with large front and back yards. The close proximity that this community has to Westlake Lake and many of the fantastic shopping destinations in the city makes it a very desirable place to live.

Foxmoor Cove Homes ($900,000-$1.2 million)

Foxmoor Cove is a neighborhood that’s very similar to the Foxmoor Glen Homes neighborhood. The homes in both of these neighborhoods were developed at the same time. The amazing location that this community has is among the top reasons that homeowners choose to live there.

You’ll find more than 50 homes situated throughout this community, many of which have been built with large floor plans that extend higher than 3,000 square feet. Since these homes were built in the waning years of the 1960’s, you’ll likely want to search for one that has received several upgrades and renovations in the past two decades.

Hidden Canyon Townhomes ($375,000-$650,000)

Hidden Canyon is a neighborhood that consists entirely of smaller townhomes that are perfect for first time homebuyers. The square footage of these homes can range from 900-1,400 square feet depending on the property you select.

Among the best aspects of this neighborhood is that residents are provided with gorgeous views of a valley that rests below the hill that these homes are situated on. There are around 650 different townhomes in this neighborhood, which means that you have a good chance of finding numerous homes on sale at any time of the year. There are also three large pools in the neighborhood that can be accessed by any member of the community.

3039 Stafford Road in Westlake Village represented by Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate
3039 Stafford Road in Westlake Village, available for lease, represented by Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate

Northgate Townhomes [Gated Community] ($600,000-$800,000)

Northgate is a small community with affordable homes that’s also gated, which provides residents of the community with an ample amount of privacy and security. The streets in this neighborhood are lined with trees, which gives the area a more rural feeling to it that makes it seem like you’re living far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many of the homes in this community come with large patios despite the somewhat smaller square footage of anywhere from 1,400-2,100 square feet. If you purchase a townhome in this community, you’ll be provided with convenient access to The Promenade at Westlake, which is a delightful shopping center that’s located right down the road from this neighborhood.

Northshore Townhomes ($600,000-$1 million)

Northshore is a neighborhood in the center of Westlake Village that’s comprised of more than 100 townhomes that offer floor plans of around 1,100-2,000 square feet. If you’re looking for a home that provides you with a great location to live, this neighborhood is known almost entirely for its amazing location.

Many of the properties in this community are lakeside homes that put you right on the water. Some of these homes even have their own private docks, which is perfect if you have a boat. Whenever you want to dine at the delectable restaurants of Westlake Village, the most popular ones are right across the lake and are only a short boat ride away.

Parkwood Estates Homes ($1.1-$2.6 million)

The Parkwood Estates community is among the more pricier communities in Westlake Village. The more than 200 homes in this vast neighborhood come with large floor plans that extend from 2,500-5,000 square feet. While some of the properties are smaller single-family homes, there are numerous estate homes in this neighborhood.

Many of the various estate homes were custom built and have been renovated since their initial development a few decades ago. Some of the larger homes come with scenic views of the lake and nearby hills, which makes for a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Renaissance Homes [Gated Community] ($650,000-$800,000)

The Renaissance community is among the more popular communities for first-time homeowners and families alike because of its affordability as well as the fact that it’s gated for added privacy and security. There are close to 180 homes in this neighborhood, most of which come with smaller floor plans of 1,100-1,700 square feet. The detached single-family homes in this community were built in the late 1990’s, which means that most of them won’t require large renovations. If you enjoy being able to walk to your favorite destinations, the community offers an array of amenities that can easily be accessed with walking, which include a spacious park, a playground, and a community pool.

Stoneybrook Townhomes ($800,000-$980,000)

Stoneybrook is a beautiful neighborhood that comes with around 100 townhomes, many of which feature large and open floor plans that make good use of the standard 2,000-2,500 square feet that’s usually available. The community is considered to be a very safe place to live, which makes it the perfect destination for families. The atmosphere within this neighborhood is one of peace and relaxation, which is displayed through the numerous streams, fountains, and trees that are contained within. The popular Stonehaus Winery is located just down the street.

Southshore Hills Homes ($1-$1.5 million)

Southshore Hills is a large neighborhood in Westlake Village that offers a wide variety of different types of homes with distinct floor plans and layouts. The majority of the 250 homes in this neighborhood have been remodeled since their original construction in the 1970’s, which ensures that you’re provided with modern layouts and amenities when you purchase one of these properties. While the neighborhood itself isn’t considered to be a lakeside community, it’s located only a couple blocks away, which provides many residents with scenic views of the nearby lake. Since the lake is only a short distance away, the restaurants and shopping centers surrounding the lake can be easily accessed by residents of Southshore Hills Homes.

Summershore Townhomes ($500,000-$650,000)

Summershore is among the more affordable neighborhoods in Westlake Village because of the availability of smaller townhomes that come with floor plans of 1,000-1,300 square feet. The neighborhood itself is beautiful due to the presence of many lovely water features and greenbelts. There are also some open areas behind the neighborhood that offer some great places for running and exercising outdoors. The neighborhood is close to the center of Westlake Village, which gives you easy access to some of the best shops and restaurants in the area.

The Colony Duplexes [Gated Community] ($600,000-$700,000)

As the name implies, The Colony is a neighborhood that consists entirely of sizable duplex homes. These homes are unique in that most of them were built in the distinct Cape Cod architectural style, which sets this neighborhood apart from most others in Westlake Village. There are around 120 different homes located in the community, most of which were built in the latter half of the 1980’s. Residents of this neighborhood gain access to a fantastic tennis court and private spa/pool area.

The Shores Homes ($1.1-$3 million)

The Shores Homes is a sprawling and scenic neighborhood in Westlake Village that’s regarded as a lakeside community because of its fantastic location. Most of the homes that are positioned just beside the lake come with their own private docks. Many of these homes have been renovated or customized substantially, which means that different homes offer completely different living experiences. Along with the lake, the views surrounding this neighborhood are spectacular and are among the best in the city.

The nearly 100 homes in this neighborhood have floor plans of 1,500-4,000 square feet. Some properties are considered to be large estate homes that offer upscale amenities and lakeside benefits.

4327 Spring Forest Lane in Westlake Village, CA
4327 Spring Forest in Westlake Village, a home sold by Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate

Three Springs Homes ($1.1-$1.9 million)

Three Springs is a luxury neighborhood in Westlake Village that’s almost perfect for families. The neighborhood is known for its fantastic sense of community, which you’ll notice when you’re invited to the many community events that are held there every year. There are more than 300 homes throughout the neighborhood, which can consist of floor plans of 2,500-5,000 square feet. All of the homes are single-family residences, some of which are estate homes with open floor plans and spacious yards. Contained within the neighborhood is the picturesque Three Springs Park.

Triunfo West Townhomes ($600,000-$750,000)

Triunfo West is a somewhat more unique neighborhood that comes with single-story townhomes that mimic the look and feel of a single-family home. Many of the 80 homes in the neighborhood consist of open floor plans with large kitchens. When you step outside, you’ll be greeted by beautiful greenbelts that are spread out across the neighborhood. When you’re looking to unwind, there are a couple of fantastic community pools that you can gain access to as a resident of this community.

Village Glen Townhomes ($500,000-$600,000)

Village Glen is another affordable community in Westlake Village that comes with small yet appealing townhomes with floor plans of 1,100-1,350 square feet. There are around 100 properties in the neighborhood, all of which are within walking distance of the many popular destinations in the city. A variety of coffee shops, malls, and the Westlake Golf Course are just a few minutes away from the neighborhood.

Village Homes ($800,000-$1.2 million)

The Village is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood in the city that provides residents with a spacious community center and pool that can be visited at any time of the year. The park is equipped with a vast playground that’s perfect for children of all ages.

The homes in this neighborhood are standard single-family homes that have been built in a variety of architectural styles such as the Southern Mediterranean architectural style. There are close to 100 homes in this community, some of which have larger floor plans that extend to more than 3,000 square feet.

Watergate Townhomes ($500,000-$625,000)

Watergate is a great neighborhood in Westlake Village that’s comprised of around 100 townhomes, most of which have floor plans of 1,100-1,200 square feet. While affordability is the main appeal of this neighborhood, the location is also amazing. Residents of this community only need to travel half a mile to be greeted by the Westlake Lake as well as the many waterfront shops and restaurants that border it. These homes have smaller yards to them, which means that maintenance and upkeep requirements are lower than the homes in most of the neighborhoods throughout Westlake Village.

Westlake Bay Townhomes ($650,000-$900,000)

Westlake Bay is a fantastic neighborhood that provides prospective homeowners with around 100 townhomes to select from, many of which are located just beside the water. The lakeside location of this community means that you will have access to a number of lake amenities like private docks as well as some of the more scenic views in and around the city. There are a variety of floor plans to select from in this neighborhood, some of which are tri-level. Residents gain access to a large pool and clubhouse as well.

Westlake Canyon Oaks Homes ($650,000-$950,000)

Westlake Canyon Oaks is a suburban neighborhood that primarily comes with single-family homes that have floor plans of anywhere from 1,250-2,800 square feet. The yards throughout the neighborhood are lush and green, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere. Once you’ve purchased a home in this neighborhood, you’ll have access to the Canyon Oaks Park, which offers a spacious green space with an archery range, a playground, and a separate dog park. Residents of the community are afforded some amazing views of the nearby mountains.

Westlake Cove Homes [Gated Community] ($900,000-$1 million)

Westlake Cove is a gated neighborhood in Westlake Village that’s among the newer communities in the area. Developed in the late 1990’s, this neighborhood is comprised of just over 40 properties, most of which come with a substantial amount of natural light, beautiful island kitchens, and open floor plans. Although the neighborhood is located just nearby the Westlake Lake, the gated nature of the community offers privacy and seclusion. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, the Pentachaeta hiking trail is situated just beside the neighborhood.

Westlake Island Homes [Gated Community] ($1.5-$3.3 million)

Westlake Island is among the most luxurious neighborhoods in Westlake Village that provides residents with all that the city has to offer. This is a lakeside community that’s comprised mostly of larger estate homes with floor plans of anywhere from 1,500-6,000 square feet. This is also a gated neighborhood that’s guarded at all times for the utmost in security and privacy. Each of the 100 homes in this neighborhood comes with a private dock along with beautiful views of the lake. Every home in this community is different, which gives you the ability to select the property that meets your every need.

Westlake Trails Homes ($1.3-$3.1 million)

Westlake Trails is another upscale neighborhood in Westlake Village that offers upwards of 100 estate homes, many of which have been custom designed. These custom designs ensure that you have a variety of architectural styles and layouts to select from when shopping for a new home. The elegant estate homes can come with floor plans as large as 7,000 square feet. Most of the streets in the community are lined with trees, which provides you with a certain amount of seclusion. The neighborhood is only a mile from the lake.

Westshore Homes ($750,000-$1.8 million)

Westshore is a beautiful neighborhood in Westlake Village that comes with around 70 homes that can provide prospective homeowners with two separate and completely different living experiences. The majority of these homes are smaller single-family homes that don’t come with lake views. However, around two dozen of these properties are located right on the lake, which provides owners of these homes with lake views and private docks.

Windward Shores Homes ($900,000-$2.5 million)

Windward Shores is a stylish and upscale neighborhood that’s located right on the shores of Westlake Lake. The homes directly on the lake will naturally come with more amenities like private docks, which means that the costs will be higher than some of the other properties in this neighborhood. While the majority of the homes in Windward Shores are single-family homes with floor plans of 1,500-2,500 square feet, it’s possible to find larger estate homes with 4,000-5,000 square-foot floor plans.

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