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The 7 Best Local Preschools in Agoura Hills

Nicki & Karen » May 13, 2019

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Preschools in Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is a wonderful community in the heart of Southern California that provides residents with gorgeous weather at almost all times of the year, spectacular neighborhoods with fun local parks, fantastic shopping destinations, and highly reputable school systems throughout such districts as the highly acclaimed Las Virgenes Unified School District.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home in Agoura Hills and have young children who may soon be going to school, you should learn about the many highly-rated schools that can be found throughout the city. The Conejo Valley is known for being home to some of the best schools in the country, many of which are situated directly in Agoura Hills.

Along with the great K-12 schools that will help prepare your children for their eventual careers and adult lives, there are also a wide range of local preschools in Agoura Hills that will provide your children with excellent educational basics that will stimulate their desire to learn and grow.

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1. Halsey Schools

Halsey Schools is an infant center and preschool in Woodland Hills that’s focused on early childhood development. The learning environment at this preschool is one that involves socialized and interactive activities, which means that it’s a screen-free environment.

The curriculum at this preschool aims to bolster each child’s social, intellectual, physical, and emotional skills, which the school believes will make the child ready for kindergarten and beyond. Some of the special programs available to preschool children include karate, dance, soccer, and keyboard. The preschool program is available to children between the ages of 2-6.

Parents whose children have attended the school love how advanced this school is with their security, which is evident by the fact that entry into the gated school requires a code. These codes are unique to each parent, which allows the school to know when a child is being picked up. If you want to enroll your child into this program, tuition is based on your child attending for two, three, or five days each week.

The monthly tuition is set to $602-$775 for two days each week, $823-$1,082 for three days each week, and $1,249-$1,469 for five days each week.

Learn more about Halsey Schools here:

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2. Children’s House Montessori Of Agoura Hills

Children’s House Montessori of Agoura Hills is a highly reputable preschool that uses the Montessori method of education, which is centered around self-directed activity, collaborative play, and hands-on learning.

This preschool believes that children will grow and learn most effectively by only engaging in activities that they decide to engage in, which differs from preschool programs that focus more heavily on teacher-led activities and education. All of the activities available at this preschool are age-appropriate as well as developmental, which means that your child will be having fun while being educated.

This environment allows your child to discover and explore individually or in groups with other children. Parents who have enrolled their children into this preschool love how advanced the curriculum can be. For instance, children who attend this school will have the ability to learn rudimentary Mandarin and Spanish among many other subjects.

You can tour the school for free, which is when you’ll be able to learn more about pricing for the preschool program. The preschool is open to children between the hours of 6:00AM-6:00PM.

Learn more about Children’s House Montessori of Agoura Hills here:

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3. Cornerstone Preschool

The Cornerstone Preschool is a preschool in Agoura Hills that provides children with a place where they can discover, create, and learn while getting ready to enter kindergarten. They aim to provide the children who attend with a curriculum that has a healthy balance of academic and developmental learning.

Cornerstone Preschool also makes sure to involve parents in many aspects of the program by hosting regular movie nights, parties, and holiday events. Children are able to enroll into this preschool when they reach the age of two. Once your child has been enrolled, they can attend classes for anywhere from 2-5 days each week.

While many activities within the main preschool program are teacher-led, some of the activities are initiated by the children, which is designed to help the child find out what they are most interested in. All of the educators at this preschool have received their ECE certifications.

Parents who have taken their children to this preschool believe that the staff members are among the best around. Many parents feel as though the teachers are friendly, informative, and caring. If you believe that your child would enjoy this program, you can take a tour of their preschool during morning hours between 9:30AM-12:00PM.

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4. Born Learners School

Born Learners School is a preschool in Agoura Hills that’s available to families all throughout the Conejo Valley. The approach that they take when educating children is to provide an environment that’s warm and caring, which they believe will effectively nurture your child’s zest for learning.

All of the staff members who work at Born Learners School have received certifications in early childhood training or are currently working towards receiving such a certification. The preschool program that’s offered at Born Learners is available to children from the ages of 2-4.

While you’re child is enrolled into the preschool program, the education that they receive is centered around three core developmental areas, which include linguistic, affective, and cognitive. Most of these concepts are taught to the children at this preschool via a friendly puppet named Mr. Pazoo. Some of the other elements of the curriculum at this preschool include word recognition, reading readiness, arts and crafts, music, science, and play.

If you decide to enroll your child into the preschool program, tuition is broken down into 10 monthly payments, the amount of which depends on the number of days per week your child attends the school. Both half day and full day programs are available with prices at:

  • $648-$703 per month for two days each week
  • $956-$1,036 for three days each week
  • $1,055-$1,253 per month for five days each week

Learn more about Born Learners School here:

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5. Woodcrest Preschool – Agoura Hills

Woodcrest Preschool in Agoura Hills is a popular preschool that aims to help children grow and thrive before they enter kindergarten. The learning environment at this school is a loving and nurturing one that focuses on making sure that each child is well taken care of.

Their primary preschool program is available to children from the ages of 2-5. Some of the special programs that are available to preschool children include yoga, gardening, kindergarten readiness, animal visits, and artist of the month showcases. The school is open from 6:30AM-6:30PM, which allows parents to select a half day or full day program for their child.

The curriculum used by Woodcrest Preschool is focused on being fun and engaging, which is evident by the inclusion of a vast playground on the premises as well as sand pits, toys, and hands-on educational activities. When your child enters into this preschool program, they should gain an enthusiasm for learning as well as such character traits as self-esteem and patience. Periodic rest time is also provided each day to make sure that the children remain healthy and energetic.

Parents who have enrolled their children into this preschool love the low prices of the preschool program as well as how professional the staff members are.

Learn more about Woodcrest Preschool here:

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6. Ilan Ramon Day School

The Ilan Ramon Day School is a private Jewish preschool that’s located in Agoura Hills. The school is also available to children from the grades of K-5. Children who attend this school will be provided with education that’s centered around developing a respect and understanding of the Jewish traditions as well as the divergent elements of Jewish beliefs.

Along with helping children develop a positive Jewish identification, they also strive to foster improved self-esteem and a basic love for learning. While the preschool classes at the Ilan Ramon Day School are less structured and more exploration-based than the classes of grades K-5, the school is known for its educational methods and techniques, which is displayed by the fact that the school received a National Blue Ribbon award in 2008.

The early childhood program that they offer includes an extensive curriculum of social studies, language arts, science, mathematics, and various Judaic concepts. Parents love how motivated, creative, and nurturing the teachers are at the Ilan Ramon Day School.

If you want your child to attend the early childhood program at Ilan Ramon Day School, you should consider requesting an admissions packet on the website or scheduling a tour of the school. Doing so will allow you to effectively observe how the children learn and the environment that they learn in.

Learn more about Ilan Ramon Day School here:

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7. Wildflower Atelier

Wildflower Atelier is a reputable preschool in Agoura Hills that educates young children through the principles of responsibility, respect, and community. They believe that children can thrive in an environment that’s built on support, discovery, and exploration.

While the instructors at this preschool are highly attentive and focused on meeting the needs of the children, the school makes sure that the children learn at their own pace by engaging in the activities that they are truly interested in. The educational programs at this preschool are entirely individualized, which heightens the possibility that your child will grow and learn in a way that’s unique to them.

The classrooms at Wildflower Atelier are open to children from the ages of 2.5-5, while their teacher to child ratio is at 1:5, which allows your child to receive the attention that they require in their formative years.

Parents who have taken their children to Wildflower Atelier in the past love how open the learning environment is and that the school encourages growth and learning through play and exploration. If you’re thinking about enrolling your child at Wildflower Atelier, the standard tuition for the 10-month school year comes in at:

  • $400 per month for two days each week
  • $650 per month for three days each week
  • $800 per month for four days each week
  • $895 per month for five days each week

Learn more about Wildflower Atelier here:


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