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Calabasas Schools & Education Programs of the Las Virgenes School District

Nicki & Karen » May 21, 2018

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Calabasas is a vibrant community that caters to a life of luxury and relaxation in the Conejo Valley away from all of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. There are plenty of things to do, sights to see, and activities to enjoy in Calabasas, providing you with something new to experience on a regular basis. The warm and welcoming community of Calabasas is an ideal place to put down roots and purchase a home if you have or are looking to start a family in the near future.

The schools within this community are a part of the Las Virgenes Unified School District, which is highly awarded, accomplished, and known for providing students with excellent educations. These schools lead to successful children with high college acceptance rates to some of the top name colleges in the country.

Calabasas Preschools

There are two preschools available to residents of Calabasas, both of which also function as elementary schools, including Bay Laurel Elementary and Round Meadow Elementary. As with practically every school in the Las Virgenes Unified School District, both have a wide array of accomplishments and recognitions that highlight areas in which they excel, as both Bay Laurel and Round Meadow have received the Distinguished School Award several times over the years, which is an award provided to schools that demonstrate numerous strengths in approaches to teaching and learning as well as test scores.

Both Round Meadow and Bay Laurel are known for their high test scores, as students in both of these schools perform well above the national average in English and math. There are a total of 613 students at Round Meadow and 667 students at Bay Laurel, although the number of children in the preschool program is exponentially smaller. The primary reason that the education provided at these schools is widely known as some of the best in California is due largely to the fact that the teachers and staff come from highly experienced backgrounds. For instance, 96 and 97 percent of teachers at Round Meadow and Bay Laurel respectively have at least three years worth of experience, while 100 percent of full time teachers at both schools are certified.

When your child is placed in a classroom, you can expect a student per teacher ratio of 22:1 at Bay Laurel and 24:1 at Round Meadow. When you wish to enroll your child into the preschool programs provided at these schools, they are available to children starting at the age of three.

Bay Laurel Elementary School

Round Meadow Elementary School

Calabasas Elementary Schools

The three elementary schools available to residents of Calabasas include both Bay Laurel Elementary and Round Meadow Elementary as well as Lupin Hill Elementary. As touched upon previously, each of these schools have been recognized for numerous awards over the years, including Bay Laurel and Round Meadow for the Distinguished School Award and Lupin Hill Elementary for the National Blue Ribbon School award, which recognizes schools that have displayed overall academic excellence.

The primary special program provided within each of these elementary schools is the Forward Learning Strategic Technology Plan, which provides students in third grade and above with the tools necessary to further their education. Each student is given a personal device that resembles a tablet that they can use in school and at home for all of their schoolwork. On this device, they are given an ecosystem of learning through the availability of education apps by Google along with a wide array of additional digital tools that will help them with their ongoing education. All throughout the year, a range of events are held at these schools to provide children with more in-depth and hands-on learning. For instance, third graders at Bay Laurel Elementary are set to participate in a “Saving Wildlife International Assembly” in January 2018.

The test scores for English and Math at each of these three schools is known to be superb. While the state average for proficient students in English is set to 49 percent, the average percentages at these three elementary schools range from 67-75 percent. As for math, the state average is 39 percent compared to the average at these schools of 62-75 percent, which means that you can be confident that your child will be provided with a comprehensive educational experience.

At Lupin Hill Elementary, 100 percent of the staff has received three years or more of experience before teaching at this school compared to 96 and 97 percent for Round Meadow and Bay Laurel respectively. At these three schools, the amount of students per every teacher is situated between 22:1 and 24:1.

Lupin Hill Elementary School

Bay Laurel Elementary School

Round Meadow Elementary School

Calabasas Middle Schools

There are two middle schools within the Las Virgenes Unified School District that are available for residents of Calabasas, which include Arthur E Wright Middle and Alice C. Stelle Middle.

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Both of these schools have garnered a large number of accomplishments and recognitions for the education that they provide to their students. Each of these schools has received the Distinguished School Award on numerous occasions while both have also been awarded the California Gold Ribbon School award as recently as this year, which displays the fact that these schools have a sterling reputation among the residents of Calabasas.

If you wish to enroll your child into a special program, Algebra 1 is available to students at these middle schools and is an advanced math course that will prepare your child for math programs in high school and college. There are also a range of additional programs that children who attend these schools can take part in throughout the year, such as ACS clubs and the boys and girls club. If your child is interested in joining an ACS club, they tend to meet at lunchtime and sometimes after school, providing your child with a chance to join clubs that focus on everything from arts and crafts and dance to Harry Potter and creative writing.

These schools are open to all children in grades 6-8, while a total of 746 students attend Alice C. Stelle Middle and 859 students attend Arthur E. Wright. The students in these schools score substantially higher on their math and English exams than the state average by more than 20 percentage points.

At Arthur E. Wright Middle, there are a total of 26 students for every teacher, while Alice C. Stelle Middle has 17 students for every teacher, which makes for a smaller class size. The percentage of teachers who have received at least three years of prior teaching experience before working at these middle schools is at 88 percent for Arthur E. Wright Middle and 97 percent for Alice C. Stelle Middle.

Arthur E. Wright Middle School

Alice C. Stelle Middle School

Calabasas High Schools

The sole high school available for teenagers in Calabasas is Calabasas High, a reputable school that is regarded as one of the best in the Las Virgenes Unified School District.

Calabasas High has received a wide array of different awards and recognitions throughout the years, from the Distinguished School Award on four different occasions since 1999 to the California Gold Ribbon School award in 2015. It was also named as one of the best high schools in the country in 2017 by the U.S. News & World Report, which is among the many reasons as to why you should be confident that your child is receiving an excellent education when attending this school.

Calabasas High School aims to prepare the students who attend with the skills they need to enter the world beyond high school, no matter choice of career, which is why they provide many unique opportunities for the students to flourish creatively and in their academic careers. Some of the many activities that students can choose to participate in include dance, theater, music, cheer, and yearbook creation as well as a wide array of different clubs, from the animal protection club to the speech & debate club. An entire athletics program is also available at this high school, providing students with the option of participating in such sports as football, volleyball, tennis, and golf. An example of some of the many events held at Calabasas High throughout the year include a spring musical, spirit week, and murder mystery games.

Every student who attends Calabasas High will also be provided with the opportunity to enroll in a number of advanced courses that includes two arts courses, four foreign language courses on Spanish and French, three social science courses, and one English literature course. If your child is interested in acquiring a degree in the various STEM fields, there are eight STEM courses open to students of Calabasas High, ranging from analytic geometry and advanced algebra to computer science and statistics.

This school is open to all students in grades 9-12 and currently consists of just over 1,800 students (see the Calabasas High School Bell Schedule). Testing in subjects like math and English is well above the state average, particularly in English where 77 percent of students are proficient in comparison to the state average of 49 percent. The four-year high school graduation rate is at a high 91 percent among students of Calabasas High in comparison to the state average of 82 percent, while the average SAT score is around 1646, nearly 200 points higher than the state average.

The staff of Calabasas High is also exemplary, which is displayed by the student to teacher ratio of 19:1 as well as the students per counselor ratio of 287:1, the latter of which is much better than the state average of 830:1. Among the staff at Calabasas High, 91 percent of the teachers have received at least three years of prior teaching experience, while 100 percent of full time teachers are certified.

Calabasas High School

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