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Gated Communities in the Thousand Oaks

Nicki & Karen » March 16, 2020

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Thousand Oaks is a lovely city in Southern California that consists of some of the most popular communities in the state. This city is nestled in the Conejo Valley alongside other fantastic locations like Oak Park, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, and Agoura Hills. There are many reasons why Thousand Oaks is considered to be among the top places to live in California. Some of these reasons include the cool mountain air, the close proximity that the city has to nearby beaches, the highly reputable blue-ribbon school system, and the safety that comes with living there.

Because of how desirable it is to live in Thousand Oaks, many affluent individuals have chosen to live in the area over the years. This is why there are many prestigious country clubs, luxury homes, and gated communities that all residents have the opportunity to join. If you are interested in living in a community that offers the utmost in privacy and security, the following article offers an extensive guide to the top gated communities in the Thousand Oaks area.

What Is a Gated Community?

A gated community is a type of housing estate or residential community that’s designed to control entrances to the area for bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles. These communities are typically surrounded by a series of walls and fences that are designed to keep the residents of the community safe and secure. Some of these communities are also outfitted with a guard booth that comes with security staff. This additional security is in place to ensure that only residents or permitted guests are able to pass through the gate.

The gated communities that do not have guard booths typically use an automatic gate. These gates can only be opened with a remote control or key card. A significant percentage of gated communities in the U.S. are found in California. In fact, more than 40 percent of all new homes that are built in the state are constructed behind some kind of wall or gate. However, not all gated communities are created equal. Many of the gated communities in Thousand Oaks consist of luxury homes and abundant amenities.

Thousand Oaks Gated Communities

Thousand Oaks is a safe community, but residents feel safer within gated communities. If you want privacy, security, and safety, living in a Thousand Oaks gated community should provide you with peace of mind that you’re looking for. The purpose of a gated community is to provide all of its residents with the type of safety that they couldn’t obtain in the non-gated communities that are located nearby. One method of increasing safety in a gated community is by getting rid of through traffic from individuals who don’t live in Thousand Oaks.

Because only normal residents and guests can drive through the community, the traffic is restricted which makes the neighborhood streets safer. It also helps to lessen the number of traffic accidents that occur in the community. The gated communities that have security staff are able to reduce access to pedestrians, which should correlate with a reduction in vandalism and theft. Gated communities are considered to be great places to live for families with children because of how safe they are. While there are plenty of spectacular gated communities to select from when you’re searching for a home in Thousand Oaks, the following four communities represent the best that the city has to offer.

Verdigris Homes

Verdigris Homes is a beautiful gated neighborhood in the Lang Ranch section of Thousand Oaks. If you’re searching for a relatively affordable home in a community that will provide you with safety and security, the properties in the Verdigris Homes community have an average price of $675,000-$950,000. You can expect to obtain a home with a floor plan that can be anywhere from 1,453-2,848 square feet in size. The larger floor plans are only available with homes that are around $1 million in price. These floor plans also come with 3-5 bedrooms and 2-4 baths. At the moment, there are 338 homes in this community, which means that you should be able to find at least some homes for sale during your search.

This gated community is outfitted with a large number of communal amenities, which include everything from a spacious playground and tennis court to a pool and spa area. While the Verdigris Homes community is a good place to live for anyone, it’s particularly ideal for families because of the many amenities and great nearby schools. The Verdigris Homes community is situated around 10 minutes away from central Thousand Oaks. Keep in mind that the HOA fees for this community are around $338 per month.

The Colony Duplexes

The Colony Duplexes is among the more affordable gated communities in the Thousand Oaks area. Because this community is outfitted with smaller duplex properties, prices are kept lower than many other gated neighborhoods throughout the city. A standard unit in this community ranges in price from $600,000-$725,000. You can expect to receive a floor plan that extends in size from 1,407-1,726 square feet. When you’re searching for a property in The Colony Duplexes, you’ll find that there are 120 homes, most of which are outfitted with 2-3 bedrooms.

The various amenities that are available throughout the community include a private pool and spa, a beautiful tennis court, and a local library that’s situated outside the community right next door. This community is great for younger families and individuals who are single or newly single. The Colony Duplexes are located in Westlake Village, which is a seven-minute drive from Thousand Oaks. The HOA fees for living in this community come in at $410 per month.

Chanteclair Estates Homes

Chanteclair Estates Homes is a highly sought after gated community in Thousand Oaks with a price range of $800,000 to $1 million. The size of a home in this community is anywhere from 2,144-3,668 square feet, which gives you a lot of room to move around. Many of these floor plans are open to provide homeowners with a more modern design. At the moment, there are 100 homes in this community, which means that you may need to wait for a property to be placed on the market. These homes come with 3-5 bedrooms and a similar number of bathrooms.

If you’re interested in the amenities that can be found in this community, there are several private tennis courts available to residents alongside numerous playgrounds and walking trails, which makes this a great community for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. While anyone can enjoy living in this community, it’s ideal for younger families and singles. It’s also located just 12 minutes away from central Thousand Oaks, which means that you will live in close proximity to the best destinations that the city has to offer. The HOA dues for Chanteclair Estates Homes are $274 per month.

Cobblestone Homes

Cobblestone Homes is the newest and smallest gated community that can be found in Lang Ranch. Having just been formed in 2000, there are currently 60 homes that are available in the community. These homes have a price range that extends from $750,000-$850,000, which makes them relatively affordable. You can expect the size of these homes to extend from 1,688-2,378 square feet, which allows for a total of 3-4 bedrooms. Because of the relatively new construction, you can expect the design to be modern in nature.

Most of the homes are smaller in size but have spacious yards and large garages. Since this is a small community with only 60 homes, you may need to wait for a short period of time until someone in the community sells their home. This community is great for someone who is able to appreciate the sense of community that a small-scale neighborhood provides. If you want to live in a community where it would be easy to get to know your neighbors, this may be the gated community for you. There are also some reputable schools nearby that can provide your children with a fantastic education. The HOA dues for this community are currently at $150 per month.

Do You Want to Live in a Thousand Oaks Gated Community?

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No matter where you want to live in Thousand Oaks, this city offers a wide range of fantastic gated communities that will provide you with the safety and privacy that you’re looking for. If you’d like to learn more about living in Thousand Oaks, get in touch with our team of experienced local luxury real estate professionals today. Here at Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate, we understand how difficult the home buying process can be if you don’t have much experience with it, which is why we want to help you navigate the process to ensure that you are able to find your dream home!

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