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6 Reasons to Buy Custom Wood Furniture for Your Home

Nicki & Karen » April 19, 2021

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Today, custom wood furniture is more popular than ever for home decor. This type of furniture appears to be luxurious and upscale while also being custom-designed to match your exact specifications. Even though custom wood furniture is more expensive than the prefabricated furniture that you’ll find in some of the larger chain stores, there are countless options available to you when purchasing custom wood furniture, which gives you the ability to match your furniture with the interior design in your home.

As long it fits within your budget, custom wood furniture is more than worth the higher cost. Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of wood that can be used in the creation of custom furniture, which allows you to select the wood that has the characteristics and colors that you’re looking for. As an example, mahogany is a very popular type of hardwood that has a beautiful reddish-brown color to it, which is why it’s commonly used in the creation of high-end furniture. On the other hand, ash is a durable yet flexible wood that comes with a light, creamy-brown color.

When you decide to purchase prefabricated furniture, you don’t have much say in what the furniture looks like and how it functions. In comparison, you have full say over how your custom furniture looks and functions. If you don’t like a design, it can be redone until you’re wholly satisfied. If you purchase custom wood furniture, you can make your home appear more luxurious and upscale. The design flexibility of custom furniture also means that the furniture can match practically any interior design. If you want your house to feel like a home, designing furniture that matches your personality is a great first step. This article takes a closer look at six of the top reasons why you should purchase custom wood furniture for your home.

1. Design Flexibility

Among the best aspects of buying custom wood furniture is that you’ll have complete design flexibility, which isn’t possible with prefabricated furniture. You could theoretically ask for an abstract design that doesn’t fit the standard rectangular, square, and circular patterns you find in prefabricated furniture. Let’s say you have a large dining room and want to buy a dining table that matches the larger size of the room. Custom furniture makes it possible to create a table that’s longer than the standard length. You could even choose to place a personalized inscription in the design of the furniture.

The flexibility of custom wood furniture ensures that most of your design requests can be accommodated. Along with the basic design of the furniture, you’ll also have the ability to customize the colors, materials, finishes, and cosmetic options that are used when making the furniture. Keep in mind that there are many types of wood at your disposal. Along with the standard mahogany and oak options, other wood types include walnut, ash, birch, cherry, maple, teak, and fir. Wood types can be separated into hardwood and softwood materials.

2. High Quality

custom wood furniture high quality

Custom furniture tends to have a high quality to it. Since you can choose your own materials before the furniture is made, you can focus on selecting a type of wood that’s known for its durability and quality. It’s important to understand that most hand-crafted furniture will have a higher quality than furniture that’s designed and built in a factory. Along with premium materials, the individual or company that creates the furniture will spend a longer period of time building the furniture, which heightens the possibility that it will have a more premium feel to it.

In most situations, high-quality furniture can enhance the look and feel of a home. If you’ve been working on making your home appear to be upscale in nature, adding custom wood furniture to the layout is a great way to accomplish this without needing to complete expensive home renovations. When you’re trying to select high-quality materials, select materials that fit the parameters of your project. If you want the interiors of your home to have a sleek and sophisticated appearance to them, the premium woods that can match this aesthetic include beech wood and balsa wood.

3. Works of Art

Custom wood furniture and any specialty furniture are works of art that will provide your home with a unique quality. Keep in mind that every piece of custom wood furniture you purchase will be a one-of-a-kind item that was made with artisanal craftsmanship. Since no one else in the world will have furniture that looks exactly like yours, you have the opportunity to make a statement with any of the creative choices that you make throughout the process.

Many wood craftsmen create pieces of furniture with the belief that their works will remain in the owner’s family for years to come. On the other hand, prefabricated furniture isn’t designed to last for more than 5-10 years, which is why custom wood furniture can be a great investment. If you purchase your custom wood furniture from a local business, you’ll also be doing your part to support local businesses and bolster the economy where you live.

4. Built to Last

wood furniture built to last

Among the best aspects of purchasing custom wood furniture is that this furniture is typically built to last, which means that your initial investment should easily pay off if you don’t need to buy new furniture every five years or so. Skilled and experienced carpenters have the knowledge and talent needed to create pieces of furniture that will likely last for many years.

The attention to detail that these carpenters have ensures that corners aren’t cut. Using the right wood also increases the longevity of furniture pieces, which is why you should do your research before selecting the type of wood that you’d like to use. Likely the most durable wood is maple, which is also surprisingly affordable when compared to other hardwoods.

5. Adds Value to Your Home

Another great reason to purchase custom wood furniture for your home is that this type of furniture can add significant value to your property, which can help you obtain higher profits if ever you decide to place your home on the market. If you leave some of these furniture pieces in your home when you list it, you’ll be directly increasing the appeal of your home to potential buyers, which may allow you to get an offer that matches the asking price.

Keep in mind that the staging of the home interiors plays a substantial role in how potential homeowners react when viewing a home. If you make good use of the space in your home with elegant and premium furniture, the home itself will benefit. As such, you can view the furniture you buy as an investment in the value of your home. Despite the higher costs that come with this furniture, most prefabricated furniture won’t add value to a home.

6. Eco Friendly

eco friendly custom wood furniture

If you want to do your part in protecting the environment, custom wood furniture can be very Eco-friendly as long as you make the right purchasing decisions. Beech and oak woods are two of the most Eco-friendly options available to you. No matter which type of wood you purchase, custom furniture is automatically friendlier to the environment when compared to prefabricated furniture. Most makers of custom furniture offer a wide range of materials that are considered to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Search for materials that are advertised as being healthy and free from harmful toxins and chemicals.

Along with the type of wood that you choose for your furniture, ask the company or craftsman you hire about the glues that they use. While all glues are poor for the environment, craftsmen who focus on environmentally friendly materials and substances will use a glue that isn’t toxic. Since custom wood furniture is hand-crafted instead of being made on an assembly line, you can be confident that it will be more Eco-friendly than the prefabricated furniture you can find at big-box stores.

Final Thoughts

Custom wood furniture has a number of distinct benefits over prefabricated furniture, the most obvious of which is that you will have complete say over what the pieces of furniture look like and how they function. If you want your furniture to be made in an entirely different style than you would typically find with prefabricated furniture, this option is available to you as long as the craftsman is willing to make it.

Designing the furniture yourself also means that you can choose the exact materials that you want to use for the furniture. With many furniture pieces that advertise as being wood furniture, cork-board and similar low-quality woods are commonly used to keep costs down. When you customize your furniture, you’ll know exactly which materials are used during the process. Some other points of consideration to remember when choosing between custom furniture and prefabricated furniture include:

  • Despite the higher initial investment, custom furniture usually has a lower cost since these pieces are longer-lasting than prefabricated furniture
  • You can buy local, which puts your money into a local business
  • You can experiment with different styles before landing on a preferred design
  • Every facet of the furniture can be personalized

Custom wood furniture is a great investment that will make your home more appealing and increase its value.

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