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The Top 10 Most Desirable Communities in the Conejo Valley

Nicki & Karen » December 17, 2018

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The Conejo Valley is a highly desirable luxury residential community in Southern California nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains between Ventura and metropolitan Los Angeles. The Conejo Valley is known for its fantastic schools, numerous shopping options, and spectacular weather, the latter of which is aided by coastal breezes from nearby Malibu.

The Conejo Valley region spans much of the Ventura and Los Angeles Counties and is home to some of the most sought after communities in the state. From Calabasas and Thousand Oaks to Westlake Village and Hidden Valley, the communities in Conejo Valley are diverse and provide prospective homeowners with a wide variety of distinct settings to choose from.

You’ll find many different types of homes in the area that range from comfortable single-family residences in the suburbs to vast estate homes that value luxury and privacy above all else. You’ll also find spacious ranch-style homes in rural settings that offer acres upon acres of untouched land that accommodate an equestrian lifestyle. While the median listing price for a home in the Conejo Valley is around $750,000, it’s possible to find homes with a listing price that’s as low as $150,000 or as high as $20 million.

The following takes a closer look at 10 of the most desirable communities throughout the Conejo Valley!

A home in Oak Park

10. Oak Park

Oak Park is a wonderful community in the southern portion of Ventura County that’s considered to be among the best places to live in the Conejo Valley. Residents of this community are provided with spectacular views of the nearby Simi Hills and are within walking distance of Agoura Hills and Westlake Village. Oak Park is also is situated beside the Cheeseboro and Palo Comado canyons, which are spacious natural areas that offer scenic trails for hiking and biking.

When you are thinking about purchasing a home in the area, the real estate market in the community is very healthy and has seen consistent increases in home prices over the past five years. The median sales price for a home in Oak Park is currently situated at $861,000. Nearly all properties in the area are single-family residences, which are available for as little as $350,000 or as much as $2 million. No matter where in the community you purchase a home, you’ll find that the place is safe and relaxing, which makes it a great place to raise a family.

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Calabasas Shopping Mall - Nicki & Karen Southern California Luxury Real Estate

9. Calabasas

Calabasas is among the larger communities in the Conejo Valley and is known for its diverse real estate options where you can purchase anything from a small condo to a vast estate home. The Calabasas community has a reputation for providing residents with spectacular schools, plenty of spectacular shopping venues, and a safe and secure place to live. Nearly all of the best Conejo Valley communities are just a short drive away from Calabasas. You’ll also be pleased to know that the beaches of Malibu are only 20 minutes away from the community.

The median listing price for homes in Calabasas has remained relatively consistent over the past five years and currently sits at $1.25 million. The city offers a vast range of homes to choose from with prices that range from right around $300,000 to upwards of $15 million, the latter of which will provide you with the height of luxury as well as gorgeous views of the nearby scenery.

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Gates at The Oaks Calabasas

8. The Oaks of Calabasas

The Oaks of Calabasas is a premier place to live for anyone who is searching for upscale homes that offers a large number of amenities. This community is among the most expensive in the Conejo Valley with homes that range from $2.5-$15 million in listing price. In fact, the median listing price for a home in this community is around $4 million. This is a guard gated community that offers extensive security for all residents who live inside.

The community is located in the northern portion of Calabasas, which means that residents have easy access to the popular shopping and entertainment communities of Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village. Most of the homes in The Oaks community are built in the Mediterranean Revival architectural style that’s known for red-tiled roofs and clean, white structures.

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Hidden Hills Calabasas Gates to Community

7. Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills is a community that’s very similar to The Oaks of Calabasas with luxury homes and sterling reputations. Situated in Los Angeles County, Hidden Hills is a gated community that provides its residents with ample amounts of security and privacy. If you enjoy spending your time among nature, Hidden Hills is bordered to the north by the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, which is a spacious park that offers miles of hiking and equestrian trails.

This community is also considered to be one of the more affluent communities in Southern California, which is displayed by the fact that the average listing price for a home in this area typically rests between $3-$4.5 million. While $3 million is on the lower end for the sale price of a home in this community, you’ll find many large estate properties with listing prices that approach $20 million and have floor plans that are as large as 20,000 square feet.

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6. Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a community that’s located in the Santa Monica Mountains, which is why it’s considered to be among the more beautiful places to live in Southern California with spectacular mountain views. Hidden Valley is a mostly rural community that’s perfect for anyone who is searching for a home that offers a large lot of at least 15 acres of land. Some of the more expensive properties in the community are situated on lands that extend for more than 400 acres.

Because of the rural nature of this community, many residents enjoy an equestrian lifestyle that mixes well with the spectacular Southern California weather. When you are considering the purchase of a home in the area, the average listing price is around $2.5 million. The more upscale properties in Hidden Valley come with price tags of anywhere from $5-$35 million.

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North Ranch Club Estates for sale

5. North Ranch

North Ranch is a small yet beautiful community that’s situated just beside Westlake Village in the Conejo Valley. This luxury community is known for surrounding the North Ranch Country Club, which is considered to be a highly prestigious golf club in the U.S. Although the community is a relatively small one, it provides residents with large amounts of natural terrain that play host to various parks and recreational areas for you to enjoy.

The average price for a home in North Ranch is just above $1.3 million with certain properties reaching prices of $10-13 million. You’ll find a wide variety of architectural styles in the homes throughout North Ranch, which include popular styles like Mediterranean Revival as well as more distinct ones like Contemporary and American Craftsman.

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Agoura Hills Old Agoura Sign

4. Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is a city in the Conejo Valley that’s located directly between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Simi Valley, which means that residents are provided with breathtaking views no matter where they live in the community. Although not quite as rural as Hidden Valley, Agoura Hills is known for the numerous horseback riding and hiking trails that can be found along the borders of the community.

The city of Agoura Hills is considered to be a lively and energetic place to live, which is displayed by the presence of the aforementioned hiking trails, the extremely popular restaurants throughout the city, and the the litany of exciting concerts that are held at different parks throughout the year. During your search for a new home, keep in mind that the median sales price for a home is currently $825,000. If a large estate home is what you’re after, the more upscale properties in the city start at $1.5 million and can be as high as $12 million.

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Thousand Oaks homes for sale

3. Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks is the largest city in the Conejo Valley. The median sales price for a home in Thousand Oaks is right around $720,000. However, the expansive nature of this city means that there are a whole assortment of different neighborhoods for you to consider. Some neighborhoods are guard gated and value security above all else. On the other hand, you’ll also find plenty of smaller suburban neighborhoods with relatively similar styled homes throughout.

If you’re primarily searching for a home that comes with a substantial amount of land, search through some of the older neighborhoods. Any home with a list price that’s higher than $10 million will typically come with a large lot. This city is known for its safety and has been ranked as one of the safest in the country.

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Westlake Village

2. Westlake Village

Westlake Village is widely regarded as the heart of the Conejo Valley. With close proximity to the major shopping hubs of Thousand Oaks and Calabasas, Westlake Village is a popular place to live. Although the community is relatively small, the living experiences afforded to residences are diverse. If you’re searching for a home that provides privacy without taking away your access to the restaurants and stores in the city, consider looking at a home by the lake. The eastern section of Westlake Village is more secluded if peace and quiet is what you’re after.

The median sales price for a home in this city is a little over $900,000. If you’re in the market for an upscale property, consider a home in neighborhoods like North Ranch Custom, Westshore Homes, and Westlake Trails Homes.

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Lake Sherwood

1. Lake Sherwood

Lake Sherwood is an unincorporated community that’s nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains and is thought to be the most luxurious community in the Conejo Valley. Many of the homes in Lake Sherwood are situated on the shores of the sprawling Lake Sherwood Reservoir, which provides residents with stunning lake views. The pricier estate homes are located in the gated community that surrounds the distinguished Sherwood Country Club, which is among the most exclusive country clubs in California. The median sales price for a home in this community is around $1.675 million. However, there are a number of homes that can be found in the $6-10 million range, all of which provide views of the lake and nearby golf course.

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